Recruiting TLs for Summer 2012

Hey guys. Apologies for my lack of activity recently, especially the delay in Zombie. My last exam is tomorrow, and Episode 4-5 of Zombie will be release no later than Friday.

I am working on readjusting the layout of the blog, as you can see. Any complaints/suggestions on the new layout are welcome.

Anyway, I am looking to pick up some Summer 2012 shows, and I am recruiting any translators who may be interested in this. Experience in fansubbing is not necessary, but knowledge of Japanese is.

If you are interested, please email me at

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  • A Fan

    where did the thing about reseeding disappear to?

  • A Fan

    he’s messing around i know

    “I am working on readjusting the layout of the blog, as you can see. Any complaints/suggestions on the new layout are welcome.”

    im asking because he wrote this statement….

  • Vandal

    how much knowledge is needed for this kinda position? is it JLPT 2 or something like that? cause I would like to know the scale before I even consider applying =]

    • Holo

      That would depend on the kind of show you are translating. If it is a “hard” show (sci-fi, politics, etc etc) then you’d need a very high level (JLPT1-2) to cope with the advanced vocab.

      If it’s a more “simple” show (ecchi, romance), then you could probably cope at JLPT3.

      In terms of years of experience, I’d say at least 2+ years of study of the language, minimum.

      Also some shows come with closed captions (subtitles in japanese), so you don’t have to translate by ear.

      So all in all, it varies. If unsure, just apply and I’ll discuss it with you individually 😛

  • LostLogia4

    Btw, what kind of WordPress theme did you use for this site?
    Judging from the looks, and the recent layout change, I would assume that it is a custom theme…

  • derp

    who is the character in the post

    and from which anime?

  • Onii-chan

    > I am working on readjusting the layout of the blog

    too bad this isn’t in Drupal, I could help you alot with that CMS (and no, not willing to learn WordPress, not enough money in it…)


  • tazmanian

    Hooray, no more horizontal scroll bar on the website due to too many columns/sidebars/etc. (I have a 1600×900 LCD with the Windows taskbar on the right and FF bookmarks sidebar on the left.).

  • SiD

    Exam tomorrow? Whoa me too, best of luck!

  • Rokudaime

    “Any complaints/suggestions on the new layout are welcome.”

    Suggestion: A status page for Tomyo After that shows how far translation and other things have progressed on it, since most VN translation groups/sites have those. It’s a bit different since you guys are an anime fansub group of course, so it’s not that important, but well, just a suggestion.

  • Drullo321

    Just a feedback for the blog layout, as it seems popular the last years:
    The readability really depends on the screen resolution you use. For example I’m using 2560×1440 and before 1920*1200 and with the new blog layout it is just endless scrolling and right and left just a waste of space.
    I know there are addons for some browser which let you modify the displayed layout but I think noone want to modify every visited site, especially if it is not default site.

    What was the reason for the change? Was it a layout problem for lower resolutions?

  • Animebaka

    dat bunny girl looks strangely familiar

  • Anonymous

    What sort of process do you use for translating? I doubt it would be the same as the work I did translating a few episodes of a simple show way back before I passed the JLPT n5 (level 4 at the time). I’ve passed the N3 and I don’t really have work or school this summer so I could use a bit of practice with the language, but I want to know the process before I decide to officially apply.

    • Holo

      Um, you would get an episode, you listen to the audio (while watching the video) and then translate what you hear? If you are lucky, your show may come with closed captions (japanese subtitles), which makes your job a bit easier, if you can read kanji.

      • Anonymous

        I mean, do you provide raws to your TLs? What file format do you accept translations in? How do you accept translations (e-mail, etc.)? The group I did translations for before gave me a link to a site where I streamed raws and only accepted .txt files over msn messenger and I see a lot of other groups say they only communicate over irc.

        • Pawprint

          Our preferred method is to use Etherpads. It’s kind of like multiplayer Word, except with horrible responsiveness. (Disclaimer: I hate these things; my opinion is biased.)

          You would be provided with (a link to) a TL workraw which you would then watch and translate. Each line/block of dialog goes on one line in the pad. (I say “line/block” because it may be a couple of short sentences which naturally go together.) You don’t have to supply any sort of times for normal dialog; as long as you TL everything, the timer should be able to match the lines up. The one thing we do ask you to provide times for is signs.

          We prefer to communicate over IRC, but some TLs use the comments section of a pad to do most of their communication.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve never heard of Etherpads before. It sounds more straight-forward than having two or three people do separate translations and having the editor sort it all out.

            I’ve never used IRC before since I’ve never needed it before. Pardon my ignorance, but would I need to download a client for it?

            My last question is, do you plan to sub any shows over summer that would be simple enough for someone who has only made it up to JLPT N3? I can watch simple-to-average stuff without subtites and understand everything aside from the odd word here and there.

  • Index

    main post not in the center feels WEIRD!

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