Recruiting Editors v3 (Closed)

Following the successful recruitment of Translators, I am now doing the same for Editors/QCers. Though we still have active Editors/QCers in our team, I am looking to boost the numbers as quite a few have become busy lately and cannot be as active as they used to be.

QC: Your job is to check the script for spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax. Your attention to detail should be second to none. I don’t expect perfection, but I do expect near perfection.

Edit: Your job is to take a translated script and change the awkward/literal English into smooth, natural English. The level of your English should be akin to that of a native speaker, preferrably better than my English. (English is my second language.)
Your attention to detail should also be very good.

After sending me an email, join You will be given a test.

In your email, state your timezone and any info you feel supports your application. Previous experience in fansubbing is not a requirement, but willingness to learn and a level of dedication is.

Edit: No more applications please.

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