Guilty Crown – 13

Guilty Crown - 13

First, let me apologise for the lack of karaoke this week. There will be some next week, but no one actually mentioned the new OP/ED to me before I got the script and it had already been delayed more than I would have liked, so I decided to leave it for this week.

Second, the TL is very angry with the plot devices this anime uses, especially in this episode. I think I agree. >_>


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61 comments to Guilty Crown – 13

  • “Second, the TL is very angry with the plot devices this anime uses, especially in this episode.”

    I hope he will no run away like the one for Idolmaster did.

  • TimmyTurner

    Why do i even watch this show….

    Uh i mean thanks Doki.

    • Invisiblemoose

      Yeah, this show is agonizingly stupid. Hard to watch. Especially since the animation and art is so well done — why couldn’t they get somebody to write a script to match!

      • Depressed

        Ha. Looks like I’m not exactly among a minority here when I say that this show is pretty terrible.

        I gave up after ep 5 or so. The only reason to watch it was for the cute girls, but cute girls alone won’t “carry” the show for me – especially in the face of a very derivative plot (*cough*Code Geass clone*cough*) and a lead with a fairly nonsensical deus ex machina of a super power [1].

        How shows like this get 24 eps while stuff like UN-GO end after 11 is a mystery to me.

        [1] Why writers keep creating such protagonist I will never know. They are simply not very “interesting” as you know at anytime the writers can just pull some random thing out of their ass to save the day. Touma from ToAru is another example of such a protagonist, but thankfully the show has other more interesting characters to back it up – even then it got boring pretty quick.

        • I want so much to like this show. I loved Code Geass, but let’s face it, Shou is a whiny little faggot.

          It all started off to well too. Episode one was fantastic, I haven’t enjoyed an episode one so much since High School of the Dead. Which in turn ruined itself by turning into total fanservice.

          • Relgoshan

            Shoe isn’t dead yet….why the hell isn’t he scattered across the landscape. For a little time I’d hoped the show was an epic troll on the audience like Blood-C, but now it exists only to kill and maim innocent viewers.

          • Depressed

            I suppose whiny characters only “work” when you have decent writers who know how to do characterization properly, e.g. NGE TV.

            GC was just poorly written and so very unoriginal.

  • Jay-kun

    Thanks! πŸ˜€

  • Yunica

    Who cares about karaoke anyway? Good call, I say. It’s nothing worth delaying a release over.

  • Elvin21

    Thanks for the release!

  • Just do the karaoke and whatnot when you guys do a BluRay release. All will be forgiven then…especially if we get a 1080p or 720p 10bit release.

  • Okumura

    Waiting for a Blue ray 10bit 1080p release! <3

  • GhostAutonomy

    Thanks for the release too! Somehow, even if so many people seem to get angry over this anime, it’s still one of my favorites. <3

  • piecemealcranky

    Started off pretty decent, and I agree, what’s with the script? It could use a better plot path, less cliche dramatic events (the last episode or so reminded me a lot of No.6 considering they are both the same voice actors) and overall better presentation. I.G. did well several shows in the past year (Usagi Drop and Blood C to a certain degree) but GC is somewhat meh in terms of story.

    Thanks for the release, watched halfway so will finish this. Here’s hoping the least it could do is go downhill from here.

  • Raven

    I think it’s funny how people like to say it’s “cliche” or needs a “better script”. Jesus Christ, people have been writing fictional stories for millions of years, and every new story borrows something from previous works, find me something that ISN’T cliche and you win a cookie.

    This show is good, stfu.

    • piecemealcranky

      Cliche does not necessarily smell bad all the time, and I for one welcome ideas that are molded from any other works. Almost every other anime out there does this one way or another (and it isn’t limited to anime, you should know), but influence should be limited especially during important, eventful, meaning explanation climaxes. GC however, didn’t do that very well IMO. IMO.

      Some people aren’t able to cope with critiques, like they made it.

    • Depressed

      True. Nothing is 100% original. BUT … when you build upon past works, you should at the very least innovate a little and takes things forward a bit – or take it in a new direction.

      If you are just going to superficially “re-skin” what has been done before, you might as well not bother.

  • A. Crush

    It does seem that some series just go with dumb cliche stuff, apparently either hoping the audience is too stupid to notice or thinking they’ll just accept it since it’s been done before.

    There are plenty of ways of borrowing and using traditional aspects in a good way, and making a show better instead of worse. The complaints are usually valid, and come from a show being rushed through, the budget being cut, or the people making it not really caring much about it, just wanting to get it on the air, collect the paycheck, and take off.

  • AnimeMexican

    What IRC Client do you guys recommend? Learning how to downloading anime from it

  • Pawprint

    Beach episode: Check
    Bath episode (contained within beach episode): Check
    School festival episode: Check <sigh>

    Any bets on the next anime cliché?

    On a brighter note, this ep contains a lot of Tsugumi, plus incho in animal ears. Yum.

    • avenison

      Obviously, the one where the ongoing destruction surrounding the main characters magically fails to kill them while they talk about their feeeeeelings. ;p

    • Anzekay

      In their defense, there wasn’t very much beach/bath/festival in each episode. It was a few minutes of each, then plot/action.

      Still felt like a waste of time though, for a show with painfully slow pacing πŸ™

    • Amarok

      No yukata episode yet. Doesn’t matter that it’s the future; if they’ve gone for the aforementioned dumb cliches/episode types, they will do one of these.

    • Relgoshan

      Someone gets raped by a girl who has a penis.

      Honestly these guys are more cliched than porn.

  • General Dragosh

    The ending made me LOLWUT REALLY ?!

    xD anyway many thanks

  • gaara3xile

    Are you guys going to do the BD version, if yes, then when will you release the first volume?

  • PaleBlue

    I love the cool pose in front of the explosion lol

  • Forlourned

    The show truly dropped off into emo Ikari mode on the tenth episode and wasted that and the following two for whining.. but the show actually came to a end on the twelfth and at least it Ended~
    Also; nothings original these days? Please point me in the right direction for another ANIME show that did what -CODE GEASS- did? Or perhaps -Steins;Gate- in what it aped off from the past~ heck! how about -Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon- or maybe -Allison to Lillia- ~ -C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control- -MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM- or not quite finally a blast from the past: -Neon Genesis EVANGELION-!?!!
    Now those few examples must be !MUST BE! blatant rips from previous ANIME shows right????
    …..I’m really getting tired with that pap in regards to the saying “everythings copying somethings somewhere”. Sure you all might find a dim connection to newer shows most times, but you all do Must realize that maybe you’re all connecting dots too much too often from points not even on the same map?
    Point to query: do you enjoy the show or not? Or do you find excuses for why it’s so beneath your nose that you simply Must declare that obvious “fact”.

  • Ryu Infiniti

    Hahaha maybe it was good I stopped watching the show earlier.

    I felt the show was going to derail the minute Inori started that stay away from me stuff in like ep 4-5, then he saw her going into Gai’s room.

    It is to bad though Code Geass is one of my favorite Animes, and I had some hope for this one after the first two episodes. Oh well, I’ve downloaded all the eps… Guess I’ll watch them when ever I get spare time.

    Now I need a new Anime to download though… Any suggestions?

    • Rokudaime

      Current season anime, or anime in general? ‘Cause I could give you a humonguos list depending on your answer…

      • Ryu Infiniti

        Any really…

        Newer, though would be appreciated.

        I have watched a lot of anime myself. Also genre doesn’t concern me really, Drama, Action, Harem, Ect whatever.

        Only one I am considering right now is C, but I am looking for more options.

        • Rokudaime

          Well, I’m quite behind on new anime. Though the most essential one that comes to mind right now is Fate/Zero. You have to watch that one. Otherwise, just picking out 1 of my favourites from different genres of anime that are not new, I’d highly recommend Clannad+Clannad After Story, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka), Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni+Kai, Kara no Kyoukai, Lucky Star, and Utawarerumono.

          • Ryu Infiniti

            Iv’e seen most of those.

            Clannad, GTO, and Kara no Kyoukai; I haven’t seen, though been meaning to watch Kara.

            Need to Find Kara, but at least Clannad is here. So I’ll start with that.


          • Rokudaime

            You’re welcome. ; ) If you’re not concerned about filesize/space taken, I’d recommend Coalgirls for Kara no Kyoukai, since their release includes both the retail subs, and TakaJun’s (the guy who translated the Fate/stay night visual novel) subs for movie 1-5, which I prefer over the retail subs. They have a seriously bloated filesize for the 5th movie though, so if that’s a problem, I guess gg is the group to go with, though I don’t know if they have finished the Bluray versions of the 5th and 7th movies yet, or the Epilogue. Anyway, Clannad and Kara no Kyoukai are both fantastic series. Hope you’l like ’em. ; )

  • Huh

    I admit I had high hopes for this show but…each episodes makes me sadder and sadder. tbh I think that if they had split this into 2 seasons of 24ish eps each (in other words, the first half of this anime is stretched into 24ish eps), things would be alot better. So far, everything seems extremely rushed.

  • Xuan

    This would have been better as a 13 ep anime with some possible OVA’s.

  • Roc Solid

    Well, the ‘cliches’ are how they get the audiance to relate to the characters, so you’ll either have to deal with it or watch something else. I will admit that Shu’s character is progressing…slowly. Painfully slowly. But it does solve the Mana Arc of the show. If anything, it makes me want to read the manga and see if this show is giving that props. Episode-wise, they shot themselves in the foot for this one, when compared to the previous one. I can understand the frustration on that regard.

    Roc Solid

    PS. Oddly enough, I did not like Code Geass. Was not feeling it and hated the way the first season ended; but I’m weird like that.

    • Huh

      Normally I would hate on the cliches but it actually works in this series because it actually fits the characters’ personalities (most of the cliches do anyway) rather than just shoving it onto their characters. The problem, for me at least, is that they executed it poorly.

      Character development is pretty poor in this series but it kinda works for Shu. He’s still too slow but with his meek, background-character-like personality, his character should develop slowly

  • eternia

    Cliche is still acceptable, but bad characters and logic fails are not acceptable.

    My first big disappointment was when Shuu blasted the humongous satellite like it was nothing. What a load of bullshit, where did the energy come from?

    And the characters are annoying. Shuu is a damn jerk as always. And Ayase is a cheater who goes dere-dere over Shuu while she had liked Gai for a long time.

  • Maurice

    good job with the show. I like it very much. cant wait until episode 14 gets release hopefully very soon.

  • HokaHoka

    Even so I do appreciate all the works you guys are making and I do hope you guys will add the karaoke after! ’cause I do love it! Even so translator-san don’t be to angry please (I beg ya guys I do love Doki releases) SO FIGHT!!!!

  • Pullyourheadsoutofyourasses

    You’re all much more worse than the main character of this anime when it comes to whining. Are you guys paying money to watch this? Don’t like it? Why the hell do you even bother watching it then? Stop being whiny pussies and man the fuck up.

    • Rokudaime

      1. They could be whining after having watched a few episodes, and so don’t necessarily plan on watching more, or:
      2. They might be among those people who like to finish what they started. Either way:
      People are allowed to criticise a show if they think it’s bad. Calm the fuck down.
      Seeing so many people complain about the show makes me wonder if there might be something to it though…maybe I shouldn’t watch this one…

      • Ryu Infiniti

        Sadly.. I don’t think this person read half the post before going off on his tangent. Sure there are complainants because people had high hopes after watching a couple episodes or were Code Geass fans, but nothing remotely close to whining.

        In fact most people were discussing the show rather calmly, until his little outburst which is the closest thing to whining in this topic.

        Also as for watching this anime, well that is all up to you. I intend to watch it till completion, i just dropped it on my priority list because of certain plot choices that happened early on.

        Honestly to each their own, just because others disliked it doesn’t mean you will so I would suggest giving it a shot anyways if you were interested.

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