Guilty Crown – 12

Guilty Crown - 12

We have words for episodes like this. The one that came to my mind when I finished it was “wat”. Wasn’t expecting it.


HD: [Doki] Guilty Crown – 12 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [B9670837].mkv


SD: [Doki] Guilty Crown – 12 (848×480 h264 AAC) [81EA6473].mkv


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  • Dyan

    Wrong pic.


    Pic should be the one when Mana kissed Shu, now THAT would be a shocking one. :p


  • Lubbo

    Idolmaster where ?

    • Dys

      Ask the translator. We’ve been trying to get him to translate it for months now.

      • Me

        I thought mogu was busy or something?

        If he’s not, see if you can recruit someone else and eject him from Doki 😛

      • Rokudaime

        What about the projects Mimori translates? Persona, Chibi Devi, Haganai(?), etc? Have you guys heard anything from her? Are you going to keep waiting, or find someone else? :-/

        • Rokudaime

          Never mind, I see from the staff page that other people are in charge of translating those now. So are there several translators missing then, since they’re all stalled and such?

          • Me

            If Mimoris shows have been diverted to someone else, I’m guessing just mogu, as the delayed shows were done by them.

            Kinda sad to see people vanish without a trace, even if you don’t know them, it still seems well sad. It removes the positive vibe when stuff gets delayed and people get antsy about where something is.

            Given that we live in an age where the internet is pretty much everywhere, if you vanish for months when doing fansubbing you obviously dont care enough to let your friends know whats going on.

          • Rokudaime


  • Nienor

    thanks a lot guys^^

  • Me

    I may watch this, unsure just got into Bakuman, great series lol

    Too much to watch lately and not enough free time to do so, had to grab commmies Persona episodes, I’m a few behind, I may just download all 12 eps from you of Guilty Crown and archive and watch later.

    By the way, congrats Clannad Man on your staff status(Saw the list) figured you’d become the head VN guy as you’re like the god of key stuff :3

    • Thank you, Me. I hope to serve the Doki community well by by providing a high quality, translated final patch. Outside of organizing and image editing, much of the work is being completed by other staff. They are the ones who deserve congratulations for sticking with this project. Nothing gets done without a dedicated team.

      • Me

        Well said, and I agree. Just had to say, I was thinking your promotion couldn’t of happened to a better person, your forum stuff aside you were always a nice person to speak to on the cbox along with a few other people.

        So I just had to say congrats, if you did fansub stuff too I wouldn’t have any objections to your being promoted to Project leader lol(If it ever happened).

      • Rokudaime

        Congrats Clannad Man. Just checked the staff page myself. ^^ Being a huge Keyfag myself, I’m rather happy about you being in charge of Tomoyo After, considering, like Me said, that you’re like the God of Key stuff. ^^

  • Raven

    Loving this series. 9 Days!! 9 days until the OST, ready for all the awesome insert tracks. They added a preview of them too, .

  • Daniel

    any other shows besides Brave 10 and Papa, lemme guess your next show is probably gonna be Black Rock Shooter

  • eternia

    Simply “wat”?
    My reaction is “wtf”!

  • Nina

    I need … more Guilty Crown.

    Btw, is anyone capable of translating the 4-koma on the official website?

    Here’s the first ep 4-koma:

    I get that Inori is using Fuyuneru as a rice cooker to make onigiri?

  • Roc Solid

    “WOW!” Doesn’t even BEGIN to give this episode justice, but it SURE does put things in perspective. From beginning to end, it was worth watching. Downside is, it kinda leaves a cliffhanger. Meaning what happens after the events of this episode, and is there something to see afterwards…talk about a HOOK-LINE-SINKER setup.

  • Thanks, also kinda of surprised (Not really) that they have extended the number of episodes for this anime. 🙂
    Can’t wait for the next episode; hopefully there won’t be anymore delays.

  • GhostAutonomy

    Thanks for this! <3

  • Ash

    Wtf. Seriously, wtf. This episode calls for the Inception Button,/a>

  • z2k

    I feel like something is wrong here…

  • General Dragosh

    Many thanks =D

  • KurisuKun

    Someone asked about the 4-koma.

    1. Shuu hears Inori’s stomach growling and wonders whether she’s hungry.

    2. Just when he’s trying to offer her an onigiri she takes out a package of rice.

    3. “Eh? You seriously going to cook it?”

    4. “Even on an open fire?”

  • Tyler


    Given the pace we’re going at now, we’ll be watching the end of the world (Japan) unfold another ten times before the series even finishes.

  • Jyoohan

    Thanks for the awesome episode as always. And though it isn’t major or anything, the episode title is incorrect I believe. It says “Temptation” instead of “Lost Christmas” if I looked it up right. Probably get fixed when the batches come out, so no biggie.

    • Amarok

      The title of the episode, both the English one listed and the Japanese, have nothing to do with Lost Christmas. Where exactly are you getting that idea from?

      • Rokudaime

        Episode 12 of Guilty Crown is listed with “The Lost Christmas” as the official title several places. AniDB and Anime News Network to name a few. Jyoohan isn’t talking rubbish.

        • Amarok

          I translate what’s in the episode itself, not what’s listed on websites. I don’t doubt that it’s the official title if that’s what is up on official websites, but the only thing I have in front of me to translate from is what’s in the EPISODE ITSELF. And, as I said in my previous comment, the given title/information for this episode–within the episode– in both English and Japanese, have nothing to do with Lost Christmas.

          I can’t just start putting shit in the episodes that isn’t there either visually or in audio.

          • Rokudaime

            Fair enough, I don’t really care either way anyway, since I’m not concerned about episode titles in shows I watch. I was mostly replying to the “Where exactly are you getting that idea from?” part of your post. ; )


    that was not done yet.. theres still another episodes to come and i cant wait to watch it^^

  • Kosh

    Took me awhile to get around to posting a comment, seeing as how this episode completely surprised me…

    Of all the shows with twists and turns that I’ve watched (and to some extent try to guess what’s going to happen next), this one ranks a 10/10 on the “I didn’t see that coming scale.”

    At the end of this episode, I really thought that the series was over, but after reading the above comments, it’s going for 22 episodes?

    Makes me wonder what they’re going to do to top episode 12, lol.

    I wonder if the OP and ED will change, given how this episode seems to be a turning point for all involved?

    Thank you all, for the wonderful job you’re doing translating/fansubbing/all-the-stuff-I’ll-never-know-about, bringing Guilty Crown to us.

  • Relgoshan

    Shoe cries like a bitch and then dies like a good little shitheel right?

  • God

    Seems all file were deleted from fileserve

  • Chris

    Hi, I cant find the file on the tracker can someone upload it please. 720p 🙂 Thanks

    • Not updating the old TV eps for new torrents. You can grab it via XDCC in mean time, or wait for the BD release… Which jakeman95 will stop stalling once he gets back off holiday in loliland!

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