I''s Pure

I''s Pure

Well, I know a lot of you out there were probably wishing for something a little less out of the blue as a Christmas present, like the spontaneous catch up of various delayed shows. Unfortunately, without any TL to work on them, those things are outside of my power. However, this project was not.

This is a personal favourite of mine that I’ve had up my sleeve for a few months now. I thought, given the fact that most of the story is told in retrospect from one Christmas Eve, it was the perfect little present from me to you this Christmas.

It’s not Doki’s usual business (read: ecchi, noitaminA, moeblobs – though it does have some ecchi) in fact, it’s largely domanated by the theme of romance. I thought though, if you can’t watch something romancy and gooey at Christmas, when can you? (except maybe Valentines…)

I’m sure there’s plenty of you out there who aren’t spending your Christmas exactly the way you’d liked, but I can assure you that you’re not alone. There’s always a silver lining though. Well, unless you’re a homeless person, in which case you probably can’t see this post anyway!

Oh, it has 2 sub tracks. Complex and simple karaoke. The simple is for those of you who still can’t figure out why your PC is lagging my karaoke. The Complex is the default.

Merry Christmas to you all.

And enjoy your I”s Pure.

Original Subs: Official
Encoder: ixlone
Timer: masat
Editing/QC/TS: Dys

SD: I”s Pure (2005) [Doki][720×480 h264 DVD AAC]


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