Guilty Crown – 07

Guilty Crown - 07

Some things are still running on time. It’s nice to actually be able to make a release.


HD: [Doki] Guilty Crown – 07 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [660D6037].mkv


SD: [Doki] Guilty Crown – 07 (848×480 h264 AAC) [4504077D].mkv


34 comments to Guilty Crown – 07

  • nx6

    You knew his mom would be a MILF. But were you expecting a Misato Katsuragi style one?

  • A. Crush

    Ohhhh yeahhh…glad to see this back on track.

    Thanks for the release!

  • Nienor

    Thank you for the ep <3

  • Rei-Sama

    <3 Doki
    nuf said

  • Nina

    oh wow, it feels like i just watched ep 6, and now 7 comes out! whoo, double feature! 😀

    thanks for your hard work! <3

  • Tyler

    thank you! Dan is a very enjoyable man. He knows how to get shit done.

  • Cool! Yesterday i watched #6 and now #7 is out! Thanks Doki!

  • LeviathanX

    Thanks for the episode…

    Uh, so is Inori just a look-a-like or his sister (maybe adopted)?! I’M confused..

    • Dys

      I imagine it’s more like “Childhood Friend”, but that’s just a guess.

    • Tyler

      If it’s actually Inori, then she was somehow a lot taller than Shu then. Haha

      although we’re coerced into believe it really is Inori.. Maybe it’s something stupid like Inori’s mother (Hah.. what a twist?!)

      • IMNC

        Girls are often taller than guys their age at young ages. There were at least three girls that were taller than me in my small elementary school class of about 20 (8 girls) and I was one of the taller boys. I’m now taller than all of them (6′ 2″). Girls just grow before boys do.

        • Tyler

          I was thinking that as well, but it just seemed weird that Shu has no recollection of this (and it’s only normal if Inori didn’t mention it) if it were so. I would say it may have been a short-lived relationship (and hence why Shu didn’t remember), but then that begs the question of why Shu’s mother has a picture if it were that.

          Oh well, guess we’ll find out sooner or later.

          • IMNC

            Also notice that she is not sitting down on her butt, but is rather propping herself up off the bench with her arms, leaning on them. She is therefore shorter than she appears.

            It’s only typical that the girl doesn’t mention forgotten childhood memories, as she wants him to remember them for himself. But that raises the question of ‘does she still have those memories’ or is it the mysterious ‘her’ that Inori is looking more like everyday that is in that picture.

            There’s been a bit of buzz about the figure you can just see the edge of in the picture for a few frames. All we know is that the figure has blond(e) hair and is taller than both ‘little Inori’ and little Shu. The common theory is that it’s Gai.

          • Dys

            You guys need to pay a little more attention.

            A couple of episodes ago Gai spoke the line (or something very similar) “You’re really starting to look like her.”

  • Gazelle

    faster than expected! Thanks guys. 😀

  • IMNC

    Inori is still DAT VOICE.

    WTF is up with Shu calling his mother by her first name, though?

  • Mitchello_Man

    Thanks for the release. Also the OP song is up on Nipponsei, very good stuff it is.

  • khione

    i just hope persona will be translated soon 🙁

    gambatte doki

  • Made in Brazil

    Awesome episode. What I like the most in this anime is the pace of the events. There’re actions in all episodes so far. Currently I’m watching just this anime chihayafuru and bakuman 2. In my opinion Guilty Crow is the best of this season. If there’s another so good, or better, please tell me.


  • Pawprint

    Hawt mom = good

    Blonde in shower = good

    Very little Inori and Tsugumi = bad

    Very enjoyable ep overall.

  • Made in Brazil

    @Pawprint Thanks for the suggestion. I need to see Fate Stay Night before watching Fate/Zero? That’s mandatory?

    • Pawprint

      Hmmm, I’m not sure it’s mandatory. Granted, I’ve only watched Fate/Stay Night once, so I’m no expert on it, but other than maybe some minor spoilers, I don’t think you’d be too screwed up by watching Fate/Zero first. Maybe you should wait for opions from other folks, though.

    • Rokudaime

      Well, since Pawprint suggested it, I’l just throw in my oppinion on it then, since I’m enough of an FSN junkie that I played through the visual novel twice. ; ) In short, I’d put it like this: even though Fate/Zero is a prequal too FSN, I’d say watching FSN first and then Fate/Zero is fine, but the other way around might dampen the experience of watching FSN somewhat. I’d also recommend watching the UBW movie after FSN, and not before, as otherwise it will be rather confusing, but whether you watch that one before or after Fate/Zero doesn’t matter as long as you’ve watched FSN first. Well…that’s what I think anyway. ; )

    • martinez

      and it will be better too if u watch FS/N TV series than Reproduction one


      • Rokudaime

        Ah, yes, indeed. Forgot to mention that. Totally agree with martinez on that one. The FSN TV Reproduction is essentially the whole 24 episode series crammed into 2 1-hour long OVA’s, to function as a recap before watching the UBW movie, when that came out. ^^’ Not recommended. Just stay away from those and watch the series.

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