Persona 4 The Animation – 03

Persona 4 The Animation - 03

You better fucking love hearts. (Quality of above image does not represent quality of video file overall. Any or all resemblance to a shitty encode is entirely coincidental and is in no way related to Doki or any of its subsidiaries.)

Karaoke and non-karaoke scripts again, as will become the norm from here on out. Also, skipped the insert karaoke, since apparently that’s a no no.


Oh, and also, apparently I was supposed to mention something about Shana being moved to a BD project due to PL (Holo) not having the time to do it. No, I will not be answering questions related to this in the comments, so there’s no point in asking. It is how it is.

EDIT: I just know someone will spot this, so let me mention it now. The use of personae/personas is entirely intentional. Archaic formal vs teenager speak.

HD: [Doki] Persona 4 The Animation – 03 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [D8F85526].mkv


SD: [Doki] Persona 4 The Animation – 03 (848×480 h264 AAC) [A55F1D12].mkv


53 comments to Persona 4 The Animation – 03

  • Index

    ohh…i haven’t watch P4 at all, but i’ll download it…..

    geez, what’s wrong with me…. D:

  • piecemealcranky

    Thanks. 😀

  • kingboo

    Woo, thanks for the fast release as usual guys!
    And yes, I do f**king love hearts.

  • Aioi

    wow fast, thank you

  • macxxx007

    DAYUM! I CAN ENJOYZ Persona now?!


    Thanks so much for the episode! HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!

  • ganen

    “Oh, and also, apparently I was supposed to mention something about Shana being moved to a BD project due to PL (Holo) not having the time to do it. No, I will not be answering questions related to this in the comments, so there’s no point in asking. It is how it is.”

    just because you failed so hard in the first episeode?

  • Alex

    Wow so fast! Thanks Doki! And about Shana no problem, i’ll wait for the BD =D

  • Don’t like how they’re rushing the plot too much. Do they want to get through ‘unlocking’ all the playable characters and then slow down afterwards? I guess the number of episodes is totally limited.

    • Leon-Gun

      I don’t see your point right now. Yousuke and Chie are both the first two characters to join your party and also the fastest to join. Up until then you barely have any side-activities or anything else for that matter (beside school and some mindless NPC talk) and when the game start proper (with Yukiko’s dungeon) you are thrown headfirst into it until you get Chie to join and THEN you start getting side-activities.

      Although that’s considered a slow start in comparison to P3 where 5 of your characters (including MC of course) are already part of your team from the very start (and all have Personae).

      Any tl;dr: They rushed some details but the joining of Yousuke and CHie happens quite early in the game. There’s no real rushing yet.

    • Ranzis

      Wonder how they could slow it down…
      By the time they get their last character, you really don’t have that much time before the game ends.

      Anyone else having trouble with Yukiko’s animation? Or else the animation in general. I guess it’s okay, though I can’t help but compare every scene to the game and one of my biggest qualms is the music.
      It flows right in the game, but in the animation, they seem a bit off to me.

      Especially ‘Reverie’ in episode 2 where Teddie voices out his problems. Seemed a bit weird for it to pop up there.
      Feels disjointed to me.

      • Teron

        I mostly like Mayonaka TV’s music, the battle music and Aria of the Soul, but the regular town music sucks. No getting around it.

        After Yukiko there should be some time in-between before the next. And even then, before the last party member there’s a lot of events. If they rush right into Sauna then I’ll start saying it’s going too fast.

    • Me

      As long as they leave the Mitsuo stuff in, I’ll be happy, I loved that boss lol

    • Dys

      I seem to recall that you obtain Yousuke, Chie and Yukiko within a matter of days (in-game) and then go about playing the rest of the game. I don’t think they’re rushing anything, I think they’re keeping the pacing of the game very well.

      • Leon-Gun

        Quite correct, although Yukiko depends on how long you take to rescue her. Yousuke and Chie are both pretty much right after the other. The only thing they rushed a little was their exit after the Chie battle. They do add a “I still can’t move” line from Chie to explain but the scene they skipped show was meant to tell us “why” they can take their sweet time and also why they need the glasses besides the “can’t see cause of fog” reason.

  • Having an alternate sub script sans karaoke is brilliant. Especially for the Madoka releases, I really wanted to turn off the karaoke during the Mani battle scenes.

  • Elvin21

    Thanks for the release! On Shana, better be on BD than dropping it… I know its very hard having a post graduate course and will do other things than the studies…

  • Me

    Also thankyou for this episode Doki and Dys, I’ll watch tonight if I have time :3

  • Thanks for this Doki, keep up the good work! (I only found you guys through Persona 4, but I’ll be sure to check your other works like Kanon 06 Blu-Ray and such.)

  • Random45

    I have one question: In the video game, the TV program that comes on at midnight is called the Midnight Channel, why do you translate it as Midnight Television here? That just sounds kind of awkward, is it a literal translation?

    Not complaining, just genuinely curious is all.

    Other than that, thanks for the very quick translation. I’m loving the quick releases of this, and wow were you guys right, the Engrish in the ending (and opening) song is awful.

    • Spinarakk

      IIRC, Mimori said that when she translates the anime, she translates it without consulting the english localization of the game (which is what Commie does) because she played the game in Japanese.

      That’s why its Midnight Television cause the charas say Mayonaka TV. Midnight CHANNEL is just a localization choice, sort of like how they changed all the Phoenix Wright names into English puns.

      • Mimori

        That’s right. ^^ I have a huge amount of respect for the great work that Atlus USA do, but P4 isn’t a game I ever tried in English, so I wouldn’t know where to begin with keeping consistency with it. I think it’s nice that a couple of other groups are offering that angle, though! It’s not really a question of right and wrong, and both are very valid approaches, so it’s neat for people to have the option. ^^

  • Excalibur

    yay~ so much pink and yes i Fucking love hearts good work as always

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