Blood-C - 11

Blood-C – 11

Oh my effin… We finally get to know what the fuck is going on and let me tell you, it’s absolutely delicious.
Every character is so —CENSORED—, it made Holo and me literally LOL.

Seriously though, BLOOD-C just became awesome. There are so many messed up twists, it’s almost too mind-fucking. Digging it. Thanks for trolling and misleading us well, CLAMP.

By the way, is CLAMP retarded or something? Why do they provide shitty official English episode titles for BLOOD-C that don’t even make sense? Half of them don’t even match the Japanese, original, title.

inb4 Blargh. Again.

Next week last episode. BDs fucking where? You promised you’d buy them for me, odin…

PS. Please wait until I finish downloading this first, otherwise I’ll only get shit speed. Thank you.

Edit: Updated with BD versions.

720p: Blood-C (2011) [Doki][1280×720 Hi10P BD FLAC]

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480p: Blood-C (2011) [Doki][848×480 h264 BD AAC]

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32 comments to Blood-C – 11

  • Pawprint

    Screw you; downloading now.

  • Index

    i have to catch up with this eps D:

  • Omega

    Woho was just thinking about this.
    And I have seen the picture before, wonder where?..
    But it’s Saya and that’s not a bad thing.
    Anyway thanks!

  • Relgoshan

    Still hoping that round-cheeked girl from the movie shows up to cave her sphincter in before the end. Because DAMMIT this bitch doesn’t deserve to be happy when she’s been so thoroughly incompetent up til now. Goes to show what happens when the useless shoujo bitch doesn’t have a Tuxedo Mask to cover for her mistakes.

  • Pawprint

    What I’ve been expecting since ep 2 was revealed in this episode. I don’t usually predict things that far out, but this time I did. Woo hoo.

  • Super-Buu-5

    WOW I was not expecting that..

  • Zdm321

    You know, the BD doesn’t even come out till the 28th…

  • Thanks, and looking forward to whatever sort of revelation this show tries to use to make up for the previous episodes.

  • JayDrink

    I still don’t get what’s going on.. Twins so annoying.

  • A. Crush

    My guess would be that whoever is doing the titles just picks stuff that sounds cool from their limited English vocabulary and doesn’t know enough to provide an actual translation. Sort of like a weeaboo using kanji on stuff just because they think it looks cool.

    Either that or they intentionally chose them to irritate fansubbers and let the world know how they really feel about English.

    • solstice

      Apparently the English titles and the Japanese titles are separate.
      In short, we have three titles, the official (retarded) English titles “provided” by CLAMP, the original Japanese titles (all related to poems), and our translation of the Japanese titles.

  • macxxx007

    Let the mind-fucking begin!


  • Siz

    Seriously, I knew who the mastermind was the moment I heard his voice when the series began. Also the way he acted made it sooooooooo unbelievably obvious it hurts to even watch.
    In fact, other than the obnoxiously censored action scenes, every other scene is pure unadulterated crap. The series trolls you for 10 and a half episodes and is most likely going to pack 99% of the actual “plot” into the final bullshit episode. And they can’t even troll properly dropping HUGE signs that scream “We’re trolling you!” in every goddamn scene.
    The director actually believes viewers would seriously want to watch the wholes series again after the ending, but I wouldn’t watch Blood-[C]rap again even if it wasn’t Blood-fucking-[C]ensored.

    end rant

    • solstice

      >the way he acted

      Like a faggot? I thought he was a faggot.

      • anonymous 0.0

        the way he looked at her with his eyes . That gave it away for me. + the voice ofcourse they didn’t even try to hide it just compare it and u get a 100% match -.- they were probadly trying to save money by not hiring a new voice actor.

  • Chris

    Blood-C is good in parts but there is so much slow-moving episodic enemy-of-the-week bull in between that overall it’s been a disappointment. I’m not subjective enough to rate the whole series as awesome just because one episode is amazing, when it’s a flaw in itself that everything between the good episodes just feels like filler.

  • Hm… I really wonder if this Saya is the same as the Saya from the original Blood: The Last Vampire movie. If you watch a couple of episodes back, you do get to see glimpses of the train scene and the Chiroptera. Just a though.

    • anonymous 0.0

      i think it’s just a coincidence you know clamp they reuse their characters with only slight differences even the names. they do that with everything i’ve seen so far.

      • JN00b312

        i think she is the Saya from Blood: The Last Vampire b/c even in the interview with the director and screenwriter said so: “Blood-C undoubtedly inherits and continues what started in Blood: The Last Vampire. At the same time, it feels remarkably different from its predecessors. And it couldn’t be any other way, as that was the purpose of having CLAMP join the project.”

        And I also want to add that he said: “Once you see the last episodes, you’ll want to go back and watch it again from episode 1.” I guess this is what he meant, but this ep doesn’t make me want to watch the whole thing over again…. with the exception of the blu-rays…. I MUST SEE THE BLOOD!!! XDDD

  • ekz

    i know that this one is censored but im just wondering if its still worth it to watch while its still censored since by reading the comments and such it just feels like theres something in the censored that you would miss by waiting for uncensored version. so what do you guys think? should i wait for uncen or go ahead and get these versions?

  • Beckett

    Holy shit, it’s The Truman Show as envisioned by an insane person!

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