No. 6 – 07

No. 6 - 07

Just past the half-way mark and things have gotten pretty exciting. For those of you who haven’t watched this wonderful show yet, avert your eyes from the petty discussions that go on about it and give it a try. I love this show to death and am so glad that I chose to work on it this season! Here’s to the remaining episodes! *cheers*


HD: [Doki] No. 6 – 07 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [74904C0F].mkv


SD: [Doki] No. 6 – 07 (848×480 h264 AAC) [0EAB5C12].mkv


52 comments to No. 6 – 07

  • Kepran

    hell yeah πŸ˜€

    thx u very much!!

  • What’s that Number Six doing? Always walking. Irritating man. Doesn’t he ever get tired?!

  • Me

    Is it just me, or does that screenshot make the characters look like Allan Walker(Left) and Kanda(right) from D.Gray-Man lol

  • a

    Couple of dick smokers

  • Nisen

    There’s a freaking kiss in this episode and Shion don’t kiss Safu but Rat!
    Weren’t Safu so close I’d drop this shit.

  • shani

    I stopped at episode 3 for some reason. But now I want to pick it yet again. Thanks!

  • Scrat

    4th line “[…] you’ve got used to […]”
    i’m not a native english speaker but i’m ~80% sure something’s a little off.
    just saying. Thanks for the speedy release nonetheless! =)

    • solstice

      Line is fine. It probably would have sounded better to you if it was “gotten” instead of “got”. “Gotten” is American English, though.


    You’re glad you worked on it? I’m glad you worked on it! Thank you for all the hard work. And Shani..dropped after ep3, for shame.

  • Noa

    Thank you so much =D <3

  • Enamelthyst

    Ah, I see that Thaerin is a girl.

  • Pitchblack

    The show is great!

    tho I would prefer less shounen-ai and more actions :O

    but it doesn’t matter anymore at that point.

  • kidxatxheart

    I am so dropping this, this episode ruined it for me. Good luck to everyone else though.

    • dood

      I’m with you, no homo

    • solstice

      That’s a sad reason to drop an amazing show like NO.6. Narrow-minded men are narrow-minded. But let’s not kid ourselves. We both know you will finish the show no matter what. It’s noitaminA. You don’t drop a noitaminA show. If you did, I’d have to seriously question your mental state.

    • solstice

      Also, change your nickname first before you go on hatin’ BL. =[

      • Nisen

        A lot of men don’t like this, it’s useless discuss, period.
        Same way you girls maybe can’t see the wonderfulness of moe. Period.
        Were this a true bl I would never even watched it.

        But it’s a seinen, mature ans science fiction anime . The setting was amazing and sure this make us keep going. The op song was very good, made remember of Hanasaku!

        But as I stated in an early episode comment, I saw this one (highlight to see)kiss coming. Maybe it stop at that, maybe not.It’s not like he’s homo now and what not, but yeah, it’s like a shoot in the crotch.

        But a thing I have to say about your comment, it’s not like all noitaminA shows are wonderful. I dropped C halfway. Fractale was awesome at the beginning but the ending was fairly mediocre and there are other that don’t deserve attention.
        It’s not like I watch a show because it’s from noitaminA but rather I’ll make a test because is noitaminA.

        • solstice

          I don’t acknowledge C as being a noitaminA show. The show was just too retarded.

          NO.6 isn’t even really BL. It’s got elements, yes, but that’s quite normal between men with a strong bond. Just ask any Korean and he will confirm you that. Most men just don’t have or never had a strong bond to another man.

          • Nisen

            C was great at the start. They too the wrong lead. Just to say so, Shiki is the best noitaminA show so far, and if you watched it the art style is a LITTLE alternative, the anime is way too much violent, gore is the correct word, but the history keep us captive.

            As for this not being a bl, I’m well aware. Yayoi subtext would be the term. But the strong bond you talk about is represented in another way for anime targeted to men, with the “nakama” thing.

          • BS

            Most hetero men do not kiss other men. You can have a strong bond with out going brokeback on another guy. Prehaps in korea men that are real good friends kiss, slow dance, stare into each others eyes hold hands and get horny. In america those are things a hetero man does with a woman.

        • lilyann

          “Same way you girls maybe can’t see the wonderfulness of moe.”

          Um, how can you compare a BL show with moe? I mean, if your point is “boys don’t like this” and “girls don’t like this” than compare it at least with a yuri show. I’m a girl und I don’t like yuri, but I will enjoy it anyway if it’s well done and if the show has more to offer than just the romantic relationship between the (female) characters.

          Moe means (for me) cute girls who look much younger than they actually are supposed to be. And that’s disturbing. It had to do a lot with pedophilia. Period. And no, I don’t think everyone who enjoys moe is a pedophiliac, but well it makes me wonder what kind of girl (woman) a heterosexual men wants to go out with in real life if he enjoys to watch such naive, clueless, innocent acting and childisch looking girls in anime…

          • lilyann

            The above comment is meant to be a reply to Nisen, just to avoid confusion.

          • Break

            soem people are just waaayyy too much overreacting or generalizing. there are plenty of girls that love yuri; ima guy and i absolutely dotn mind this here. its juts a short kiss, anyways. thats not a reaosn to drop a show.
            and just for the record, C was amazing too. the timejumps were a little off soemtimes but it was still a good show.

            and a sfor kidding other men, i think a kiss on the cheek between friends is quite normal; the italians are kind of overdoing it, but oh well. there are a lots of regional diferences between the customs for kisses between men , though.

  • noname

    love between 2 young men is just wonderful. tkx for the release doki <3.

  • reuther

    Yes. This is shaping up to be on of the best shows of the season. They’ve created a classic dystopian setting. The plot and characters may not hold up, but here’s for hoping.

    If you’re troubled by the vague homoerotic suggestions, well, grow up.

  • Derp

    Thaerin for Doki fujiyoshi

  • Time to get a sex change so I can meet everyone’s expectations. >_>

    I’m a straight male, and I love this show.

    • solstice



    • Ishfadriel/BOLLEN9


      True statement, apparently those of us who are straight males and can still enjoy these kinds of animes (That isn’t even fully Yaoi) are regarded as homo even tho it’s completely wrong… how I sometimes wish I were a girl just to get away from the BS some people makes up, then again, I rather stay guy or I’d have to go Yuri πŸ˜›

  • da_tenshi

    cheers!! I love it too
    sugoi story ftw!!

  • Haseo

    its done by bones, so of course it will be good but IMO nothing beats Eureka Seven.

  • Completely loving this show πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  • moons

    And here I am, still waiting for more serious yuri anime to come out…

  • 5paceCade7

    im midway thru ep.3
    when’s the buttsex gonna happen?

  • Ishfadriel/BOLLEN9

    I LOVE this anime, I’m a guy AND I am NOT homo, I realy can’t see why other guys have so much problem with this, I mean, it’s ONE kiss of a few what? 3 secs? also, Shion also have Safu, it’s not like it’s entirely Yaoi only due to 1 kiss.

    Also, the story and settings ect, makes it easy to just let something like that slide and still enjoy the show.

    IF one have problem with this and drops the anime due to it, then realy… you are seriously not confident in your manlyhood. Getting troubled over an other persons (Fictional even in this case) love or in this case bond is just sad, it’s not you right? it’s not you who Shion kisses right? it doesn’t even involve YOU at ALL right? So why waste your time getting troubled over it?

    If you still insist on dropping this anime, then PLEASE do so, but don’t make homophobic posts about dropping it and so on, cause not all are as insecure with their standing as a man as you are…

  • 5paceCade7

    i was really hoping for a sunrise blowjob following the “goodbye kiss” speech…
    loving the series tho,
    thank you for the superb subs

  • foozlesprite

    This is why being bisexual is so awesome. I can enjoy this, yuri, AND straight stuff, while having NO effect whatsoever on my enjoyment of the actual content of the series πŸ˜›

  • FLNC"

    i really don’t mind that those guys were kissed or something like this…

    i love this anime because i’m interesting the point of story more than other reason. πŸ˜‰

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