Mayo Chiki! – 03

Mayo Chiki! - 03

HanaKana needs more screen time.

HD: [Doki] Mayo Chiki! – 03 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [7D525A2A].mkv


SD: [Doki] Mayo Chiki! – 03 (848×480 h264 AAC) [4151E743].mkv


21 comments to Mayo Chiki! – 03

  • Entranced

    Been dying to see more of this. MOAR SUBARU!!!

  • anon

    So fast XD

    thanks doki for your hardwork m(_ _)m

  • choco

    HanaKana needs more screen time.

  • Sword of Retribution

    It’s a trap!

  • Kuntao

    Getting faster and faster. Thanks!

  • Omega

    Need more of Kureha action hahaha…
    And when she cries lol… cute!

  • Okkie

    Dankjewel!! ʘ‿ʘ

  • Modhesh

    Indeed. More KanaHana! >:(

  • ZeroYuki

    After watching so many shows with Kana Hanazawa, I got really sick at her voice.

  • Mitsukiya

    Thank you very much. :3

  • A.Crush

    [4:09] Don’t approach carelessly me from behind.

    Don’t think that’s British English…

  • Kit-Tsukasa

    17:27: Konoe Nagare. Subaru’s father and head of the Suzutsuki Family.

    Either there’s something terribly wrong with the dialogue itself or a tl error.

    • Holo

      近衛流 スバルの父親 そして涼月家 現当主
      Konoe Nagare. Subaru’s father and head of the Suzutsuki Family.

      近衛流 Konoe Nagare.
      スバルの父親 Father of Subaru
      そして涼月家 And Suzutsuki Family
      現当主 head of a family

      当主 とうしゅ toushu (present) head of a family “”

      Kit-Tsukasa, I notice you post on this blog solely to point out what you believe are errors. Some of your comments are legit errors, others are British spelling, and others, like this translation, is perfectly fine. Please make sure what you post is indeed an error before posting in future. If unsure, don’t post at all.

  • Checksum32

    2:27 “…even if their love is forbidden” – Kanade is saying that their love conquers barriers such as same sex relationships, not that their love is forbidden.
    2:47 “Did Konoe-senpai say that he saw my underwear?” – Kureha isn’t asking Jirou if Subaru saw her panties, but rather what her comment was about it.
    3:33 “Even though he does get nosebleeds rather fast” – Kanade isn’t talking about how fast Jirou gets nosebleeds, she is exclaiming to the fact that such barriers don’t hinder their love for each other.
    3:56 “…I want to support your love for Subaru” – Kanade isn’t saying to Kureha that she supports their love, she is saying that she wants Subaru to have a proper relationship with a woman, rather than a man.
    4:17 “However, if I aim at a certain vital point, you’ll be completely-” The line leaves out the fact that Subaru has modified the stun gun.
    4:21 – 4:25 “I have to do everything in my power to protect Milady. Because of that, I also have to protect myself” – Subaru isn’t saying that she has to do everything she can to protect Kanade, and she also isn’t saying that she has to protect herself either. Subaru says that she has her hands full protecting Kanade, and that Jirou (and Kureha?) that they have to protect themselves, as Subaru can’t look after all of them.
    4:37 “J-Jirou”- In the previous episodes, stuttering words in Japanese included the whole vowel, namely Ji-Jirou, instead of what is here. Continuation error.
    5:38 “You’ll be safe with her” – Kanade is saying that there are lots of people and that it means she’ll be safe, not to Kureha that she won’t have to worry about drowning. It is also evident in the next line when she backs up her last statement in that she’ll also have Jirou to protect her if necessary, making the line at 5:38 inaccurate.
    6:33 “…even though it was my fault for getting kidnapped” – Kanade isn’t exclaiming that she was the reason they were kidnapped, but she is interpreting what Subaru thought when they were taken and Subaru felt responsible. A more accurate line would be “She thought, “It was my fault that we were kidnapped”.”
    7:45 “It was really appealing!” – Kureha isn’t saying that whatever they were doing was appealing, but rather that she tried to appeal to Subaru.
    8:24 “You should have dragged him… …tore him limb from limb and hung him” Subaru says that her father said that SHE should tear him apart, however, in Japanese the line is implied that he (the father) was the one who would.
    9:37 The English translation of “Stand by me” means that it is used when someone wishes another to stand by them, not “means someone is beside me.”
    10:47 “…lets return to Milady’s manor” – Subaru most likely doesn’t imply that Kanade has gone home by herself, leaving the others behind, but rather return to where she is. Most likely within the facility.
    11:26 The unknown character on the phone doesn’t exclaim that the Kureha and Kanade have been kidnapped, but rather that HE is a kidnapper. The line still however, has a similar meaning.
    14:15-14:21 Subaru says that he isn’t a normal person who would go down from such attacks, not that: a normal person would be dead, and that it doesn’t apply to him.
    14:47 The kidnapper doesn’t say that it is a pity for Jirou to come all this way and be stabbed, but the kidnapper says that HE didn’t want it to end like this, but couldn’t be helped.
    17:30 Kanade doesn’t stupidly repeat that that he is Subaru’s father, but that the person is Kanade’s father’s butler.
    18:38 Kanade doesn’t exclaim that Nagare’s case is an important thing, but that he takes his cherishing of family beyond caring.
    19:09 Kanade doesn’t say that one would be frightened if their mother suddenly disappeared, but she says that it would be frightening if ones mother’s memories/presence would become overlapped and disappear with a new mother-in-law.
    20:29 Jirou isn’t rebutting that why would Subaru be scared from always protecting mistress, but that Subaru successfully protected Kanade this time.
    21:54 Kanade isn’t saying that Jirou has ha bad reputation, but that he is rude.
    22:05 Subaru isn’t saying to Kanade that to tell them it was a joke, but that it was her fault that this is happening.
    22:08 Kanade isn’t saying that she has no clue what Jirou is talking about, but rather that she says that there is truth in what she said to the others. It is again seen that the latter when she brings up an example.

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