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Remember the transition from XviD to h264? Well, soon, 10-bit h264 will replace 8-bit h264.

Without going into encoder speak, 10-bit h264 can achieve a same level of quality as 8-bit h264, but at a lower filesize.

10-bit h264 is not widely supported yet.

More info on 10-bit h264 | More | More

This is simply a discussion your opinions of 10-bit h264.

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  • Greg the Mad

    *pounds on your shoulder*

    Go for it, if you fail I got other subbers just waiting to replace you. 🙂

  • My computer specs just about play 720p x264.

    Guessing I’ll have to stop watching anime then. :<

    • Alpha


      You have no other options.

      The pimply faced geek that sold me my computer told me it would last for 20 years as well , and I’m not about to doubt his word and take it for a “sales pitch” .. not with me no sir , before I believe something it’s on par with scripture!

  • Somewan

    I don’t really care for filesize, as long as it plays fine.

    • Christos

      Exactly this. ^

      Filesize doesn’t matter that much these days.
      Even though i can play 10bit h264 just fine, you shouldn’t risk it .

      or at least offer both for some time + a link to a player that can play 10bit (mplayer does, on linux at least) for those who don’t have one

    • Spincast

      Im in the same situation, and no i dont mind filesize… i just leave my pc on overnight if the file requires.

      • Spincast

        As far as for the new h264… there is a lot of ppl (I would be one of them) that its pc can handle only til 720p x264.

        and, yea btw my speed is 1 MB/s (although until last week it was 512 KB/s, ISP “cheapened” the prices a bit lol)

  • Parse Error

    Heard about this in #madoka a while back, and it sounds very exciting. I feel like the wait has been too long already!


    please dont use it
    many people wont be able to watch anime that way and the quality of upscaled 10bit is not as good as the original 8bit, and for now only VLC supports it and to be honest VLC sucks

  • Blazephantom

    Go for it.

  • taco

    I think mplayer2 supports it just fine as well. still, I would wait until ffdshow and coreavc support it before switching. after they support it, I’m all for it. I don’t care about filesize at all, but since everybody else seems to, seems like a win.

  • Comp1337

    Since both mplayer and vlc support it, I don’t see any software problems.

    However, vdpau hardware acceleration doesn’t support it, so watching any 1080p 10bit stuff will be impossible. 720p on the otehr hand would be fine in Hi10p, my CPU can handle that much

  • random

    I’d wait until it’s more widely supported. Filesize isn’t an issue for most.

  • Antzi

    I don’t care about the codec or filesize.
    I just want the quality to be as better as possible.

  • Echoing what others say, I don’t think filesize matters – most people can just download things overnight or something, and people with horrible download speeds can stream or something. People who have the disk space to save episodes shouldn’t care (because they, y’know, have the disk space), and people who don’t have the disk space shouldn’t save episodes.

    I’d wait until it’s more widely supported. What if another format comes out in like six months? :v

  • Manny

    Smaller filesize = Good
    Not widely supported = Bad

    Another factor would be required minimum spec for a lot of people, so depending on how resource hungry 10-bit is…..

    • I saw a thread on /a/ about Hi10P.

      Apparently it’s very resource hungry.

      • oplover

        Apparently /a/ hates doki right now, you can see with so many “Why doki” threads lately.
        But if you talking about that daiz’s thread, maybe you shouldn’t follow them (or at least for now).
        Wait until all player can play it. I believe majority of people do not care about this because only “elite” people went to /a/. Your subs are for everyone, right?

  • bob barker

    Personally I always think if we didn’t care about file size much before. It won’t matter to us majority now.

    Plus it saves you the headache of telling everyone why your files won’t work right. Naturally everyones going to ignore this thread.

    But you can bet your bacon, they will pitch a hissy fit when the the file they just grabbed doesn’t play correctly if at all.

    Stick with what we have that works. The people complaining of file size can buy more memory like they have been =D

    PS- your file sizes are just fine.

  • Dani1995

    I’d also say it’s too early to use it.

  • Jojo

    File size isn’t an issue for most, considering how cheap hard drives are these days. Computer specs and the lack of support however are irritating to deal with. Too early for this format.

  • MagusHrist

    Embrace the future

  • Kiru

    It’s WAY too early to go 10-bit. You can do that after the normal CCCP, core-avc etc. support it.

    Also you shouldn’t believe the “smaller filesize” crap, it won’t happen. Most don’t know or care enough about encoding to use 10bit in a useful way, so the only thing we’ll get if this becomes standard is the higher cpu cost.

    As long as the “file size isn’t an issue” stays and you find 500mb+ encodes of tv anime-eps, there is just no way 10bit can be useful.
    Nice mode for encoders who know their stuff, after it’s widely supported, but I really really hope it never becomes a standard. For now it’s not useful at all.

    • Encoder

      There are other benefits to 10-bit than filesize. Banding at least should be significantly reduced even if the encoder doesn’t know much about 10-bit.

  • Scrat

    * if it needs more performance that’s a big minus. I’m getting trouble with full HD on a ’07 machine already : S

    * as long as standard players / codec packs don’t widely support it, that’s also a minus (if it’s the future that’ll probably be no problem soon)

    * filesize doesn’t matter to many people. In times of 16+ MBit standard connections bandwith is usually not a problem. And 1-2TB HDs aren’t very expensive.

    -> the ultimate service would be serving in 10bit as well as 8bit (plus XviD) : P

    how about using the 10-bit stuff for BD-releases and 8-bit for the TV-releases ? (less filesize anyway, less guaranteed quality, less archive value, etc.)

  • MikeP

    I’d switch next season as there will new releases of both CCCP and CoreAVC by then which will support 10-bit

  • Dooku

    HD ares cheap right? Cheaper are now computers… sigh. Go for the 10bit if the difference in file size is a lot.

    If you put to choose a 1080p episode


    i would chose the 500-700mb episode. For me it’s better to update the computer each 2 years than be buying Hard drives constantly.

    BTW, a tv encode of 720p ~500mb is a shit.

    • >For me it’s better to update the computer each 2 years

      Most people can’t afford to do that. (Me for one.)

    • tumdedumdedum

      Somewhat related to the BD size discussion :

      FLAC is overdoing it imo for 1080P BD releases.

      It’s become something people expect from BD releases , but a slightly higher bitrate lossy codec is a way more sensible option , when more data can be used towards the video stream that way.

      A Channel BD release from doki is:
      Video : 392.268.998 bytes
      Audio : 279.258.212 bytes

      To me that seems way out of proportion.
      As said above , people have come to expect it … But using half that size in AAC or other codec would add nearly 140 mb more to video.

  • ShurikN

    Everyone keeps talking about system spec, but do any of you actually know what those spec are?!?

  • schmidt

    if it works on mplayer, do it!

  • myfistus

    Why not release some test NCOPs from a show: one with a normal 720p 8bit encode, one with the new 720p 10bit encode, one with the normal 1080p 8bit encde, and lastly one with the new 10bit 1080p encode.

    I wanna see and compare with my own eyes. Though the document had some interesting things to say, for one thing I can dig having a smaller file size and slightly higher quality, but ONLY if it doesn’t cause ubber lag on my computer. In short, I really want to see it in action before considering using it.

  • SHN

    I’d also say it’s too early to use it
    Wait until it’s more widely supported. Even if there is software supporting, there might be unsupported hardware problem for a lot of people

  • N1nj4br34dm4n

    I would hold off until more media players/common codec packs support it.

    For me, I sat ‘f file size, GB’s are cheap. I also say ‘f how hard it will peg my CPU, good processors are cheap nowadays too.

    If you get the benefit of better quality in less space go for it, but not until it’s better supported.

    Just my two cents, but it’s how the world works. Trust me on that.

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