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So, translators are once again disappearing on me. Back-up translators are stepping up to fill in, so none of the airing shows are significantly affected. But I would like to recruit some more translators just in case. If you would like to join us and translate a show for us next season, you can also apply. I am looking to pick up 5-8 shows, depending on availability of translators.

Typical requirements are: able to spare a few hours a week to translate, ability to translate by ear (closed captions are provided on certain shows). If you don’t think your Japanese is good enough, don’t be afraid to apply. You never know, you might be right for the job.

Please join #doki-recruits and email me ( with some information about yourself.

16 comments to Looking for Translators

  • ZeroYuki

    You should recruit PSN hackers and raw hunters too.

  • odi

    you mean black-hats and cappers.
    he already has 3 blackhats, and he seems to be able to find his RAW’s just fine

    • ZeroYuki

      Well, the show that I was working on couldn’t find a raw. And I know we have cappers, if not, I will really have to chop my head off.

  • Kel

    I guess this means Tomoyo After is on the slow-track.

  • Rokudaime

    This is just my subjective guess, but I think Holo’s talking about translators for the anime shows only, Kel, so even if translators WEREN’T dissapearing, that would probably still not have any effect on the status of Tomoyo After, so this post is probably unrelated to that.

    That said, it still says:
    A JLPT 1 or 2 (or equilvalent) translator for Tomoyo After (VN)

    Email misteranonimous”
    on the right side of this page, so, Ixlone, unless you guys found somebody for the job already, and that message just hasn’t been taken down yet, I would say that the statement that Tomoyo After is on the slow track, in itself, is correct, is it not? :-/

    • Blick

      “Someone for the job”?
      Translating a visual novel isn’t something a single translator can do very easily.

      • Spinarakk

        TakaJun is doing just fine.

        • Rokudaime

          Doki’s got TakaJun on the job!? o_o Wow, not that is GREAT news! ^^ I thought he was mostly into Type-Moon, and not KEY, but if you guys actually got HIM to work on translating Tomoyo After, then there’s nothing to worry about. There’s no-one better for the job! ^^ You should take down that message on the right-hand side in that case though…

          And Blick, I’m afraid your statement couldn’t be more wrong. Using TakaJun as an example, he translated Tsukihime, Utawarerumono, Fate/stay night, and others, all by himself, as part of the VN translation group Mirror-Moon (who specialize in Type-Moon VN’s), while the rest of the group took care of other tasks within those projects. And he did so fairly quickly too. He even said himself that it was better to have just one translator when translating VN’s, as it would be easier to keep things consistent.

          • Holo

            We don’t have someone legendary like that, lol.

          • Ixlone

            Exception to the rule != couldn’t be more wrong.

          • Rokudaime

            Ah, ok. Well, I did think it was a bit strange. ^^’ Spinarakk, damn you for tricking me and getting my hopes up! :p And well, yeah, I guess TakaJun is kind of a special case. I guess you can’t use him as the norm. Imagine how nice it would be if all translators were as skilled and dedicated as him though. 😀

    • Ixlone

      That message has been there since it was announced, so nothing has changed with it’s progress.

  • Dear Management.

    I like cocks.

    yours, Ma15

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