Recruiting Translators

I am looking for translators to help with checking the translations of A Channel and 30-sai specifically. Your grasp of Japanese should be decent.

Previous experience in fansubbing not required.

Please email me at .

31 comments to Recruiting Translators

  • himie

    I’ll soon be able to translate…

  • suomynona

    its a dfc :3

  • Ma15

    I’ll translate for you Holo

  • pogmani5000

    Don’t you think you picked up too many projects?…you know it wouldn’t hurt if you drop aria, C or other shows that already being subbed by gg, nutbladder or utw ?, now I don’t wanna say your not doing a good job…at this rate you wouldn’t be able to finish all of them(in time at least) …mark my word, no offense.

    • gamma

      >dropping a show because gg, utw, or nutbladder are doing it


      • pogmani5000

        are you with me or against me?

        • Yui

          At least it gets done, so live with it.

          • pogmani5000

            no i don’t want to. besides other groups are doing a better and faster job than them…again mark my word they wouldn’t be able to finish all this project. if they want to rub it in my face then release faster than the others,…yes, this is a troll and at the same time a friendly suggestion…come on I’m trying to be a bad guy here.

    • Do you expect anyone to take you seriously?

      • Invisiblemoose

        Of course nobody will, which is why a lot of people are simply remaining silently disappointed. But that doesn’t change the facts. Rather than focusing on providing a few quality releases, Doki is pumping out a whole ton of inferior, rushed products that other quality groups have already taken care of. Doki is irrevocably tarnishing its good name — and for what? I don’t get it.

        Doki’s show this season is Nichijou. Doki is the best fansub group doing it, and it’s the best show of the season. But Doki pumped out garbage twice now. If Doki can clean up its act with Nichijou, I don’t really care if they want to waste their resources subbing other shows — that’s their call. But Nichijou quality needs to be there…

        And at any rate, A-Channel is awful. Awful. I’m a huge fan of the genre, and let me tell you that this show is simply insulting, like they think fans of this genre will just happily lap up any trash they toss our way…

        • Holo

          You probably didn’t read this post.

          Also, all the fansubbing processes combined do not exceed 12 hours or so. The reason for taking longer in the past was because everyone did their bit seperately. Now, everything is done simultaneously, cutting out bottlenecks. Granted that the first 2 episodes of Nichijou have been dire, however, most of the other shows have been fine. You will find that the quality of a show is largely dependent on the quality of the translation. In the past, we have a few translators, so we do fewer shows. Now we have a vast quantity of staff, so we can do more shows. It’s not like 1 translator is translating 11 shows.

          • Invisiblemoose

            I’ve been a Doki fan since its inception, so don’t think I want anything but the best for the group. I’ll take you at your word, Holo. πŸ™‚

            Good luck on Nichijou, and the rest of your shows.

        • I don’t suppose most leechers care enough to watch better subs if it’s an hour late.

        • IZEROII

          It’s not that people are “silently disappointed”…its that they aren’t disappointed. Why? The releases are solid. Nobody is perfect. And non-trolls don’t mind waiting a couple hours for the better subs. Also, credibility of an argument goes down when your point can’t be generalized and bias is blatant. Your platform is being made on one of seven shows being done…Nichijou. Just saying. Moreover, you say quality of the shows is decreasing because seven are being done when your only justification is your biased opinion to Nichijou and A-Channel (2 of 7). Just saying.

          • Me

            Well said, can’t speak for everyone I know but I would rather wait for a good solid release from a respected group than watch the first thing that’s available.

            Which is mostly why I wait for a Doki release for shows that might interest me, and go with everyone else for random stuff, like .hack//quantum lol

    • Sorry, but no one should be forced to watch the stuff that gg and Nutbladder put out. Liberal translations, trolling, cultural whitewashing, etc…

  • Saren

    I never get tired of that picture.

  • Kanade

    Trollers gonna troll. Haters gonna hate. People sub shows because they love to sub it, and not because it’s oversubbed.

    No-one cares what other subs do unless you’re like someone who has so much time to pick off peoples mistakes.

    Mistakes are inevitable. People make mistakes. It’s how you minimize it as much as possible.

  • Nisen

    Meh, not what I meant, I did saw the link to the author of the image. I just wanted to know if it was inspired in some anime.

  • Diaz

    Doki is a translates everything themselves, so their quality is fabulous.

  • unnamed02023

    i would like to try if u let me.

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