F/sn: TV Reproduction Blu-Ray Disks For Sale

Seeing Coalgirls selling her Blu-Ray Disks gave me this idea. I have finished with ripping my Fate/stay night TV reproduction BDs and have no more use for these. I would like to sell these so I can get money to buy other stuff in future.

You can click on those images which will take you to CDJapan, and see more info about those disks.

I bought these disks with my own money when I went to Japan last September. On CDJapan they are going for ¥5,775 ($66/£41), but I bought these in Toranoana in Akihabara for ¥4,800 ($60/£35) each.

These disks are still in pristine condition (well, they came out of the case for 1 hour in my BD drive, and then back into their case, and has stayed there since), so I will sell them at a starting bid of 25% less than what I bought them for, at ¥3,600 ($45/£27) each. I will sell to the highest bidder. I can sell them seperately, or sell them together (which would make more sense). You can bid seperately or bid for both. If the 2 highest seperate bids is greater than the highest bid for both, I will sell them seperately.

If you are interested, please email me at, and state your bid. I’ll leave this post up for a few weeks. If I get no emails, then I’ll let them collect dust on my shelf.

Top bid is $120 for both, atm. If this bid stands for 3 days, I am selling it to the current bidder.

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