Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? – 01

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? - 01

And here goes, Doki’s only Winter 2011 project. And a well chosen one too, I might add. You will not be disappointed.

The story centers around a lazy high school boy named Aikawa Ayumu who gets killed during a spate of mysterious serial killings. However, Ayumu is resurrected as a zombie by a necromancer girl named Yuu, who Ayumu had just met before dying. Ayumu reawakens in a world surrounded by masou shoujo (magically equipped girls) and vampire ninja. Ayumu is assigned the duties of a masou shoujo by a magical warrior girl named Haruna.

The team who will work on this:

Translator: Exhilem
Timer: masat
K-Timer: Pahndamonium
Editor: AvidElite
Typesetter: Holo
Encoder: Holo/kokus
QC: sm2345/Holo

Special thanks to Kanade for helping out with the songs.

Will we do the Blu-Rays, you ask? Of course, we’re Doki.

HD (h264): [Doki] Kore wa Zombie Desu ka – 01v2 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [33E065DA].mkv


SD (h264): [Doki] Kore wa Zombie Desu ka – 01v2 (848×480 h264 AAC) [CFFD74AE].mkv


76 comments to Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? – 01

  • qaz

    Can we say we should expect more liberal or literal translation out of this release than Crunchyroll’s?

    • It’s basically identical to CR’s translation in that regard since Doki is using edited CR subs. The edits are pretty much on the level of swapping words for synonyms and omitting and adding some little words that don’t change the actual translation at all.

      • masat

        Exhilem (TL for this show if you remember) says otherwise.

        We did not use CR’s script. Where do you get your information from, Daiz?

        • By comparing the two scripts. If your TL claims that it’s an original translation by him, he’s lying. I initially just wanted to check out your release for other things, but then I found some eerily similar lines. I decided to do a more in-depth comparison and saw that there were lots of identical lines and the structure for basically every line was identical, only some words had been swapped for synonyms and some other small changes were made.

          • Holo

            I think a mistranslation is a pretty big change.

          • Most likely he was doing “TLC” on the CR script and ended up mistranslating something as a result.

          • Index


          • I feel like comparing the subs now too.
            oh and Daiz that is an awesome icon you have there.

          • Kaionlriu, I can make the comparison easy for you. Here’s a difference file of the original CR script and Doki’s script:


            As you may notice, the sentence structures are basically identical on every line and there’s tons of identical wording used for pretty long stuff. For a supposedly individually done translation, there’s way too much similarities for it to be just a coincidence anymore. Not to mention the fact that the amount of lines and line contents match up basically perfectly between the two releases.

            For comparison, you can take a look at these two other comparisons that show how much individual translations that deliver basically the same meaning everywhere can differ in sentence structure. Not shown in these diff files is the huge amount of line splitting and joining that I had to do in order to make the lines about equal content-wise. I basically had to split or join every second or third line.

   (Ayako’s own translation vs. GotWoot’s own translation)
   (Commie’s edited CR translation vs Doki’s own translation)

          • Holo

            You forgot about the pretiming.

          • Well, even with that it’s still quite unlikely to end up with exactly the same content for every line. Comparing the actually individual translations, there were tons of instances of lines timed similarly but split in completely different manners, or a multi-line phrase that was structured in a completely different manner and thus the equivalent line contents were drastically different while alltogether they held the same information within them.

          • wait

            yay! yay! yay!

      • Holo

        So Daiz, if Exhilem did copy CR, how did he managed to misTL 1 line that CR got right? I have complete confidence thathe TLed this on his own, and that you are just being yourself. Must have got bored, so decided to come and slander us (again).

        Have a good day.


          Assuming Daiz is correct in that Exhilem copied CR:

          It’s entirely possible that since Exhilem was changing some things, he changed something correct into something incorrect.

        • Elvin21

          Is the other fansub (Commie/Underwater) this desperate to troll/make drama on Doki? Similarity of TL is not always equal to copy of the TL of another group (CR). Similarity almost always happen. Let’s say a 14-storey building which has a similar facade as a 45-storey building. Do you say the Architect(s)/Engineer(s) of the 45-storey building copied the 14-storey building or the other way around? I don’t think so. Just similar because of the facade. Anyway, I hope the TL can explain his side through Holo to end the drama and close this case.

          • Holo

            TL says it’s his own TL and I have my reasons to believe he is telling the truth.

            As far as I am concerned, certain people are bored and decided that slandering us is a good way to kill time.

          • Elvin21

            How unfortunate for him/her(troll)… I believe you cannot get a good guy down even you throw everything bad at him… What you do to others, will come back to you (sometimes exponential times).

  • kaze

    Ohirune shite itara yuugata ni nacchatta
    has been translated as
    I’ve got a fever in the afternoon and couldn’t get back to sleep
    actually is
    While I was taking a nap it suddenly became evening

    “don’t be an idiot” is “don’t treat me like an idiot” (baka ni sunna!) or “don’t look down on me”.

    Sry for my english …I’m not a native speaker, hope it’s readable.


    Thanks for pointing mistakes yet again 🙂 Yes, this mistake is careless on the part of the tl due to a mishearing. It has been verified immediately after the release was done.

  • Anonymity

    Guys, guys, it’s only fansubs, why the need for salt?

    I’ve noticed similarities in translation too, but sheesh it’s the same show, why bother making an argument in translation when it’s the same dialogue and literal translation can be similar, besides only those who completely understands the language can talk it out, not just any jackass can come in saying OMG CR RIPS YOU GUYS R GAY 😛

    Just putting in my input, but seriously the similarities in some dialogue are quite questionable, and also no translation for the before and after intermission part :/

    so Daiz may be right

  • myfistus_clarvetta

    Jeesh, I was wondering why 50+ comments in one day for such a standard release, and it seems there’s a fucking war being fought here.

    BTW: This series seems pretty interesting

  • someone

    geart show 😀

    any chances that you ganaa fix the torrents that was losts.. like the BDS of Seikon no Qwaser

  • kaze

    >> Thanks for pointing mistakes yet again…
    Sorry… I submitted my comment without reading previous posts…

    However those comparison still don’t prove anything… We learn japanese in the same way, so when we learn a japanese word we’ll associate a specific english word to it. That world will remain in our mind as the most fitting word possible and we will use it most of the time.
    The same thing can be said for phrase construction and so on…

    Still, if you find the same mistake in 2 differente script, it can be a coincidence, but more likely someone ha copied (p.e. Baaka’s, Ryuumaru’s and CR’s scripts of Zakuro had the same mistakes and were the same (CR’s) script)

    Btw, if someone takes a cr script and make it good a couldn’t care less 😛

    Faito! (^^)/°

  • Thank you, but I will wait that the serie end to watch it 🙂 (Except for this episode o/)

  • ryuu_zer0

    Are you guys going to release the AT-X stream of this show as well?

  • Ero Yatsu

    Well chosen, indeed. I laughed my ass off. I love this show already.

  • mangamuscle

    Where is episode 2? :3

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