Saki (DVD) – 03

Saki - 03

Episode 01 and 02 will get a v2 when we reach the batch, for consistency purposes and to fix the errors pointed out by the bro, fireball, in this post.

P.S: Haters gonna hate.

Edit: I need someone with enough Mahjong knowledge to QC/Help with the episodes. I was thinking of Fireball (yes, you) but I am not sure if he is available and interested. Applicants/Whatever come into IRC and PM “Jecht”

SD (H264): [SGKK-Doki] Saki – 03 (720×480 H264 DVD AAC) [CE828167].mkv


7 comments to Saki (DVD) – 03

  • lolz that was fast 🙂 Thanks Doki ^_^

  • fireball

    Thanks for more Saki.
    Completely irrelevant, but at 13:26 there is a typo in “Kokushi Musou” in the note.
    And in the ending, at 22:10 the romanization of the winds should be “Ton Nan Sha Pei” (unless maybe you are romanizing from the original Chinese or something?).

    I also noticed some things in your old scripts for the coming episodes, although it might be redundant if you changed them already:

    in episode 4:
    16:15 It should be 8 instead of 6.

    in episode 5:
    11:37 “此処でドラの三元牌切り” – meaning something like “To discard a dragon tile that is the dora here,”

    in episode 7:
    6:00 Some lines seem to have shifted in timing: the “2000 points would be more efficient, right?” belongs to the announcer and “Does that apply in this case?” to Fujita, furthermore this second line should not be a question but a statement.

    7:00 In the note, the first 300 (concerning the noten penalty) should be 3000.

    7:44 “As I thought” doesn’t really make sense here, I think Mako says “yabai” (i.e. “dangerous”).

    20:17 A more literal translation would be “Even I might have played into her hand back then.”

  • shakah

    are there gonna be any patches released for those who downloads episodes seperately?

    • Jecht

      There will be patches for Episodes 1, 2 & 3. We had a discussion, set some “conventions” for this show, partly why 04 have not being released yet, it’s just pending typesetting of some signs and QC.

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