Saki (DVD) – 01 & 02


Here it’s, expecting some feedback from the people that watched the initial releases.

SD (H264): [SGKK-Doki] Saki – 01 (720×480 H264 DVD AAC) [DAAE8C8F].mkv


SD (H264): [SGKK-Doki] Saki – 02 (720×480 H264 DVD AAC) [992D768B].mkv


25 comments to Saki (DVD) – 01 & 02

  • Alright! Can’t wait for this to finish so I can replace my [Underwater] version. Keep up the good work!

  • Moo

    awesome tag, nice to see this coming out again, never started watching it last time but wanted to see it :>

  • fireball

    Thank you very much for the release.

    The changes in the dialogue were subtle but definitely for the better, in my opinion. To denote thoughts by italics is nice.
    What I did notice is that you didn’t correct some things, mostly related to mahjong terminology:
    in episode 1:
    6:16 From what I understand, Kyoutarou says “三色捨ててそれてどうだ” which would be something like “why do you go throwing away your sanshoku?”, the point being that Saki won with the 1-pin, the only of her winning tiles _not_ giving her sanshoku.

    8:18 Writing “tsumo” makes it sound like she could have won the hand already, which isn’t the case. Simply “draw” would be more appropriate.

    13:06 Translating “naki no ryuu” as “dragon of tears” kinda loses the reference (it’s the title of another mahjong manga) and also the pun: that “泣き” sounds like “鳴き”, to call on tiles.

    In episode 2:
    8:24 How did this line end up with “yakuman”? Mako says “mangan” and that is of course the only way to get 8000 points.

    • Thank you for pointing these out. I hope Doki makes v2’s or something to correct these, else I will have to redo the subs myself (Blame the OCD perfectionist inside of me).

      If you wanted to keep posting mistakes that you might notice in the future I’d appreciate it. 😀

    • communist

      ahhh that mahjong explanation……sure that’s the most difficult part of this series….. 🙂

  • Cruel-Viper

    Ok first time I saw this serie, what the hell!

    I like it but….it’s like Yu-Gi-Yo but instead of the cards it’s majhon dices XD (Ok, i just made some enemy’s with this sentance)

    Can’t wait for more! XD

  • wilson191

    The font is better…and the italics is nice….

    I think it’s better if the place the translation of Japanese characters below the characters itself…overlapping it looks kinda bad…

    I don’t really see any change in translation…

  • blazephantom

    what font did you guys use in the karaoke cuz it does not appear on my screen.

  • FlaXx0R

    was wondering if you guys are gonna do the picture dramas?

  • nissannut

    It’s huge improvement from the first ones that you guys released. I love the font choice and the encode looks noticeably better. I also like the typeset of the logo with SGKK and Doki. Great catches by fireball, BTW. Well, off to watch more -Saki-. Thanks for the releases, and I hope to see more in the near future!

  • Meep.

    Is there going to be a 720 of this show or would that be a useless upscale? Because not all upscales are useless 😛 Also, are there any reports of a Blu-ray for this series?

  • DmonHiro

    As the guy who released those upscales, I am going to say this: get the DVD version. It is less censored and has redone animation. The upscale, while decent, was just that, an upscale. Hell, I RELEASED those upscales, and I’m getting the DVD version.

  • Хуй

    Why redo instead of continue? Will it be faster now?

  • ghostzero

    In episode 2 when Nodoka says the score for her ron, I think she only say “Shichi desu” which would be “7” and therefore I guess she means 7000, whoever in the subtitles you write 7700.

  • ghostzero

    Ah. thanks for clearing this 🙂

  • shrine

    what’s the song in the 2nd episode 7:00 in

    greatly appreciated because i’ve been going through the ost for 2 hours now trying to find it

  • KanbeKotori

    The link id dead already :/ Is it possible to re upload this?

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