Ladies versus Butlers! Specials – 06

Ladies versus Butlers! Specials - 06

This concludes Ladies versus Butlers… for now anyway. I might encode Blu-Rays of the main show if I have time in future.

HD (h264): [Doki] Ladies versus Butlers! Specials – 06 (1280×720 h264 BD AAC) [01989869].mkv


SD (XviD): [Doki] Ladies versus Butlers! Specials – 06 (848×480 XviD BD MP3) [77E533B5].avi


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  • Acucar

    Thanks for telling us you’ll think about releasing the main show in blu-ray. I was going to start watching this show tomorrow. CoalGirl’s releases, that is. But now I’ll have to stall it for a few more months :<

  • martinez

    yahoo ~

    the principal? love her! 😀

  • gaiar31

    project finish bansaiiiiiiiiiii!!!

    about to love ru 2 you team will do it?

  • HaloGuy

    Hope to see BDs of main show… XD

  • just wonderin, will you guys do the other 2 parts? Kira’s version of sp 6 seems to have 3 parts 0.o

    The other two parts are just the NCED 3 and 4. NCED = Non-credited Ending Sequence. It means ending without credits. Kira-fansubs happen to just name it as extras.

  • GoblinTown

    Anyone having problems with no video displaying when using KMPlayer for the mkv version? I believe my codecs are in order but only get sound and black screen.

  • Holo

    Why does audio or video not play anymore since v4.1.0 (e.g. MP3, AC3, DTS audio tracks, h264 video tracks)?
    The Matroska specifications know a feature called “header removal compression”. This allows a muxer to keep a certain number of bytes that are identical for each frame in the track headers removing them from the individual frames. This reduces the size of the tracks significantly without altering the content as a demuxer can add the bytes found in the track headers to each frame during demuxing.

    Starting with v4.1.0 mkvmerge uses header removal compression for a couple of track types by default. These include AC3, DTS and MP3 audio tracks as well as Dirac and MPEG-4 part 2 (aka. XviD/DivX) video tracks. The user muxing a file may disable it by explicitely selecting ‘none’ as the compression scheme for such a track.

    If your player has difficulties playing such files then it is a bug in that player or in the demuxer but not in mkvmerge. This feature has been part of the Matroska specification since more than six years, and there’s no excuse for refusing to add support for it.

    The proper solution is to ask the vendor of your player to support this feature. A temporary solution is to re-mux such files turning off extra compression for all tracks.

    Here’s a list of hardware and software players that do not implement this part of the specification. This list is most likely outdated as updates are released by the authors and manufacturers.

    mplayer and derivatives (e.g. KMPlayer)
    SolveigMM DirectShow demuxer
    VideoLAN Client/VLC (Fixed in the meantime. Version 1.1.2 and newer work correctly.)
    Asus O!Play and O!Play Air
    Brite View CinemaTube
    Samsung LED TV
    Western Digital TV Live HD/WDTV (also see ; supposedly fixed in a firmware that’s currently in testing)
    Several players have had issues with this feature in the past but have been fixed in the meantime. For hardware devices this usually means that a firmware upgrade is required. Again this list is probably outdated and incomplete.

    Media Player Classic (MPC) and Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC)
    Popcorn Hour (at least the C-200)
    Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)

    • GoblinTown

      Grabbed the latest stable release of KMPlayer and it has been updated for this. Thank you Wman and Holo for the info, it helped me track down the fix for it.

      Also thank you for the subs, as always. Much appreciated.

  • Blahrgness

    -I didn’t see the point in the panty flashes at the end
    -The sound effects near the middle made me LoL
    -Needs moar loli.<-

  • shawn

    I like this but this should’ve been special 7 while special 6 should’ve been with only the princle and vp

  • wman

    I’m using linux as my primary OS because it’s faster, more stable and better than windows. Only incompatibility is that I can’t play (for now) files with ‘header removal compression’. And header removal compression does completely nothing.

    • Blah

      I hope you understand you are contradicting yourself. The fact that Linux is now experiencing a problem windows do not have is a good enough reason to show that windows is better.

      • wman

        Updating mplayer fixed this problem. I’m still waiting for smplayer update but I can live with it for now. And it’s not problem that I’m using linux. It’s problem because fansubbers can’t properly use the newest version of mkvmerge.

        • Raki

          I don’t think is the problem with fansubbers that cannot use mkvmerge properly but the media player vendor’s fault for not implementing the feature properly. They won’t do anything to their product until hits a major problem.

          For me, I just see this as another drama for the evolution of video formats. The transition from avi to mkv or xvid/divx to h.264 or hardsub to softsub or the implementation of linked files. Everytime fansubbers make the leap, theres always people that gonna hate. Beside the “header removal compression” feature wasn’t a new feature just never turn on by default for these years yet the vendor never even bother to include it?

  • EDGE

    is this the last extra? ladies vs butlers 6?

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