Seikon no Qwaser (BD) – 05

Seikon no Qwaser - BD 05

Episode 6 to come later.

HD (h264): [chibi-Doki] Seikon no Qwaser – 05 (1280×720 h264 BD FLAC) [BCFD6E31].mkv


SD (XviD): [chibi-Doki] Seikon no Qwaser – 05 (848×480 XviD BD MP3) [95D1B6F1].avi


28 comments to Seikon no Qwaser (BD) – 05

  • nanaka

    Oh Yeah! Waiting for AVI files. Thank You, Sir.

  • Protopred

    Do you think there’s a possibility that you release Episode 23 + 24 of the webcast? Looks like no one else is going to for a while -_-“

  • Holo

    subdesu? Last I heard, they were continuing the webcast.

  • Nghia

    Thank you for doing with this series, ever since coalgirls drop this, I had been relying on seto otaku. But your release is superior, no slowing down on karaoke animation unlike one from seto otaku plus audio is FLAC and you also release AVI in blu ray quality which is something almost none has done before even though I only get the 720p for the Blu ray version.

  • Hmmm

    Hi, Thx for the release.
    I’ve got some audio issues in Seikon no Qwaser BD FLAC, do you use some new codecs?
    Other FLAC related media don’t give me problems.

  • Jimb0

    Sooo, I dont mean to ask in a qwaser thread but whats the status on Saki?

  • eto

    Thanks for releasing the BD, but I hate you so god damn much for using FLAC like morons. Why would you do this? Why…

    I guess you won’t change your ways, I just wanted to make sure you know that its awfully stupid to use FLAC.

    On one hand the file is MUCH larger, but on the other hand we also don’t hear a difference in quality*. HURR-DURR situation.

    *(if you say you do: BULLSHIT, damn lying audiophile)

    • OniSamurai

      Yeah, lets provide the absolute best video quality we can, but not with the audio quality. Does that make any sense at all? I’d rather have the FLAC even if I can’t really hear the difference because it’s the best you’re gonna get. Same goes with choosing 1080p over 720p, there’s not a huge difference that’s gonna change your viewing experience, but it’s there.

      Why would you want the best video and not the best audio?

      You know, there’s a thing called high speed internet, and a thing called paying more money for more bandwidth, and another thing called external hard drives. If you’re gonna go all out and download a 1080p video, you better expect it to come with the best audio there is too.


    • waterfall

      If you don’t care about FLAC, you probably don’t care about 1080p vs. 720p either.

      I see the 1080p releases as overkill, in case you want the absolute maximum quality with no limitations whatsoever. If that’s not what you want, just download the 720p (which is what I do).

      It’s just odd to complain about audio “overkill” and not video overkill.

  • Cool Guy


  • Nghia

    Ignore those who whine, keep doing what you did, those who whine about FLAC can just get the Seto Otaku versions. Those who hate your way of doing things can choose not to download, but Doki has the best version of this anime so not getting this version is stupid. I appreciate your effort. Waiting for ep6 and Picture Dramas!

  • If you want to blame someone for the delays, blame me. I’m not moving slowly because I want to, but circumstances are a bitch right now, even though I’m supposed to be on freaking vacation. I’ll try to get them all done this week. So SFW Nanoha pictures might motivate me to work faster though…

  • HaloGuy

    Sasha is lookin’ cool there… XD

  • Korbo

    Who or where is this “@kokus” thing?

  • halo3roxas

    can someone make the avi version

  • Epyon

    Thanks for the new ep. ^.^ *waiting for the avi*

  • mynameisb1984

    Any word on the XVID?

  • Vamppy

    Thank you for the BD releases and your heard work.
    I can´t wait for the rest…. ^____^

  • Still no .avi? I guess I can wait.

  • nanaka

    Ah! Finally,it is released. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  • nanaka

    My Link for someone who don’t want download by Torrent
    Over Here —>

  • mark7

    thx alot nanaka ur a life saver
    i really hate to wait torrents dl at 1.4kb

  • nanaka

    No Problem, Mr.mark7 Thank you for your service.

  • Haplo

    The torrent link is down (404), can someone create a new torrent, or even better upload to megaupload or similar? 720p version BTW.

  • ChocoMimi

    Thank! I fanly got new anime to watch! Keep it up!

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