Chibi Devi - 49

Chibi Devi – 49

Oh man, new babies. I totally called it from the end of last week’s episode as well.

Thanks to Termascur for TLing this week and L̮̱͇ͩͫͣ͛̒̆ͩ̆͘͘ȧ̦̃̂̇͋̉͒̚͟͠ḉ̗͆̀͋̏ͥ͗͝u͎̤ͩ̓͟͞s̺̥͇̳ͩ̍̐͗ͯ̃ͧ̒̽͡ ̷͍̼͖̤ͮ̎̅͌̒ͬ͠C̷̳̭̰̙̬̿ͪ̋ͮ̈̾ͬ̊̋ͅl̡̛͖͉̤̜̭̺̅͊̽̋̑̂ẙ̵̽ͤͯͯ͏̻̦͠n̶̟̟̹̟̭̪̠̙ͨͤͯ͜e̴̡̪͍̱͚̫͙̫̟̓͗̓̔ͯ̔̅̀ for timing.

To those of you on Windows
There was a new CCCP release two weeks ago and one for K-Lite at the start of last week. They were mildly important and I suggest you all update if you want to continue enjoying not-broken video.

CCCP’s latest release can be downloaded from their homepage here as usual.

K-Lite’s latest release can be downloaded from this page here.

720p: [Doki] Chibi Devi - 49 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [35EA93D4].mkv

Torrent | XDCC

480p: [Doki] Chibi Devi - 49 (848x480 h264 AAC) [C0E6BDF5].mkv

Torrent | XDCC

19 comments to Chibi Devi – 49

  • tabaha

    Chibi Devi \o/

  • SomeoneElse

    One cannot simply K-Lite into Mordor!!

  • Gizmo

    what about kawaii codec pack?

    • teg

      I’ve just looked up this Kawaii Codec Pack and I would have to recommend you use something else.
      I don’t know what default settings they’re using, though if they followed Daiz’s advice it sounds like the settings from an old version of CCCP. But just reading what’s included in the pack turns me off.

      MPC-HC Lite
      This version of MPC-HC is legitimately bad, to quote the CCCP-Project:

      Switched back to a “normal” build of MPC-HC instead of a “lite” one as that actually ends up being both smaller as well as more useful in the end. Splitters built into the binary are still limited, but this should help people having certain kinds of trouble.

      MadVR looks good, but it’s power hungry and traditionally speaking it doesn’t play well with the average leecher’s machine. I use MadVR but I spent too much money on my computer.

      They’ve dropped and are blocking Haali Media Splitter
      Sure the most recent LAV builds finally support ordered chapters and segment linking. Haali is still better on some (not-matroska) fronts and just removing it totally instead of leaving it as fallback is a strange move.

      Anyway, I can’t recommend KCP. CCCP is clean, small and robust so if you want to keep it simple then go with that. I only mention K-Lite because it comes with a lot of alternative filters that can be useful if you’re doing video-things other than just watching (like using xvid in VirtualDub).

      • Meneldal

        I don’t like LAV Splitter and it even breaks some VNs when used on some formats (last version of K-Lite which forced LAV Splitter for almost all formats made my kamidori alchemy meister derp). And LAV Splitter is definitely a no go if you’re using WMP because you can’t even change tracks with that (no icon on tray to allow you change tracks, how hard is it to make one compared to all the other stuff?)
        MadVR is fine as long as your computer can handle it but many have a hard time with it.

  • Relgoshan

    Just for giggles, the name of your timer for this episode casues major localized rendering corruption in IE 9.

  • Rokudaime

    Wow, 3 Chibi Devi episodes in three days, one for each day!? :O Nice! Have they started making daily episodes or something?

    Also,as for CCCP, I’ll stick to the old pre-2012 versions that use FFDShow and Haali instead of LAV, thank you. I don’t like all the massive and drastic changes they made after that. I don’t have an eye for video quality details, so I just need something that plays anything I throw at it stabily, and without too much lag. The 11-11-11 version I have has done, and still does, just that. All I know is after I installed the 2012-12-30 version, which contained the first set of massive changes, I experinced problems with some shows, and I couldn’t even play Doki’s own BD release of Angel Beats! anymore lol. The new version of MPC they included also sucked, and I couldn’t even use “subpictures-to buffer” anymore, in order to avoid lagging in heavily type-setted scenes. So, because of those things, I quickly reverted back to the 11-11-11 version, and I haven’t dared to install any of the newer versions after that. The fact that there has been 3 new updated versions in 4 months following the 30-12-12 version, while the 11-11-11 version was just fine for a whole year, is proof to me that the new versions and their changes are too unstable. I might upgrade one day once a new version has been out for a long time, so I know it’s stable, and actually works, but for now I’m sticking to the safe old version, which has never failed me yet.

    • teg

      You’re right, there were no updates to CCCP between 11-11-11 and 12-12-30 (beyond the 12-12-30 betas) but that’s more because it’s only updated when it needs to be.

      It’s unlikely 13-04-20’ll be the last release of CCCP in the immediate future but my money would be on future releases just being component updates rather than any more sweeping changes. If you look at the past release history of CCCP a more rapid release cycle is often then followed by a wait until there is an actual call for some improvements.

      To address your complaints, as of the CCCP 13-04-20:
      * LAV Splitter now handles OC/SL so is definitely better at handling MKVs than Haali is.
      * The internal subtitle renderer in MPC-HC has long(-ish) been superseded by an improved VSFilter (xy-VSFilter) and you should be using that instead now. It’s miles more efficient and will solve your laggy typesetting problem.
      * As mentioned in an earlier comment, CCCP dropped the MPC-lite version two releases after it was added because it turned out to be worse than the traditional build.
      * LAV Video/Audio is based on FFmpeg just like FFDShow (and FFDShow-tryouts), except FFDShow (and FFDShow-tryouts) are both dead and LAV isn’t. In a way, LAV is FFDShow’s fresher and faster younger brother.

      So yeah, uninstall every individual codec and codec pack you’ve got and install the latest CCCP. You can add FFDShow-tryouts, XviD, MadVR or whatever else you fancy after if you’re really that way inclined.

      • Rokudaime

        Hmm…Ok, maybe I will. I’ll have to think about it…The last time I upgraded, I was unable to play Doki’s Angel Beats release anymore, so I’m a little apprehensive about upgrading now, so long as my current version still manages to play everything I’ve thrown at it.

      • Tornado15550

        I thought FFDShow was still being developed. The latest SVN build was released only 12 days ago. See this for more info.

        But I too have switched to LAV. It does everything ffdshow does and more. Also, now it supports ordered chapters!

        • teg

          If you have a look at what’s actually being committed it’s all just little bits and pieces like tweaking the installer and bumping the changelog.

          The reason I say FFDShow-tryouts is dead is it’s been pronounced dead by clsid in the official thread on Doom9.

          I think it’s first announced here.

          If you read over the next three pages clsid and nevcairiel (the guy heading LAV Filters) are still monitoring the thread and pop back a few times to repeat it. FFDShow-tryouts is no longer in active development and their recommendation is to use LAV instead.

          P.S. FFDShow != FFDShow-tryouts (kinda).

          P.P.S. I guess it’s possible CCCP might change subtitle renderer but you shouldn’t expect it for a while.

  • Rawr

    Thankyou for this 🙂

    And thanks to Box-san who’s name is read as a million boxes.

      • Rawr

        Ohhh. Sorry, on google chrome its like a million boxes stretched over to the outside of the Cbox but noticed in your pic its clear it says L̮̱͇ͩͫͣ͛̒̆ͩ̆͘͘ȧ̦̃̂̇͋̉͒̚͟͠ḉ̗͆̀͋̏ͥ͗͝u͎̤ͩ̓͟͞s̺̥͇̳ͩ̍̐͗ͯ̃ͧ̒̽͡ ̷͍̼͖̤ͮ̎̅͌̒ͬ͠C̷̳̭̰̙̬̿ͪ̋ͮ̈̾ͬ̊̋ͅl̡̛͖͉̤̜̭̺̅͊̽̋̑̂ẙ̵̽ͤͯͯ͏̻̦͠n̶̟̟̹̟̭̪̠̙ͨͤͯ͜e̴̡̪͍̱͚̫͙̫̟̓͗̓̔ͯ̔̅̀ lol

        Haven’t heard of a staff member called that, that said I don’t use IRC..

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