Shakugan no Shana [I/II/Movie] (Blu-ray)

Edit: Shitty upscales, not doing season 1 and 2.

Season I
Release date: 22/06/2011
Subs: Eclipse
Resolutions: 1080p if not upscale, 720p, 480p

Season II
Release date: 22/09/2011
Subs: Eclipse
Resolutions: 1080p if not upscale, 720p, 480p

Release date: 27/07/2011
Subs: Eclipse
Resolutions: 1080p if not upscale, 720p, 480p

116 comments to Shakugan no Shana [I/II/Movie] (Blu-ray)

  • Me

    Fenel should be happy, he only just commented on the cbox about it. I’m mostly indifferent, I liked Season 1 just didnt love, will check out your encodes though.

  • Pipelynx

    I approve of this.

  • Batat

    Approved! S1 was great, S2 not (becaouse of cutting material and adding so many fillers). So – after Clannad and LS we’ll be able to watch Shana in good resolution (Upscale or not, it should be better).

  • heyman

    OMG! This year is great. Clannad AS, Lucky Star and now Shana. YEEES!

  • It was about time I’d rewatch shakugan no shana this is a step in the right direction :3

  • Fenel

    Hehe, great news. I’ll wait for this (same as for Clannad and LS).

  • banger

    will the movie and season 2 be released on blu ray also…or just season 1?

  • Pentinor

    More epic then a double rainbow.

  • Walo

    great, this one will be on my list.

  • darkHaruhi

    Awesome!! One of my favorite shows!

  • skyjedi

    I thought only the Shana S Ova’s were rendered in HD.

    This most likely is an upscale of 480P and not worth it imo unless you consider the audio upgrade enough of a reason to purchase.

    Since there will never be a real 1080P release of this series the DVD’s are good enough for me.

    The japan region 2 dvd’s already had PCM sound, so unless their is an HD upgrade there even the audio is not a selling point. Less compression is the only reason i can see, and that a professional upscale will look better than a DVD upscaled by a blu ray player.

    Still you cannot get more resolution out of something when it just is not there.

  • Muyu

    Skyjedi: Who cares. You’ve not seen the quality of R1 and R2 if you’ve got this argument going. Ofcourse they’re upscales, and if you didn’t read, Holo doesn’t care.

    Whether or not it’s an upscale, the visual quality will be drastically better. R1 you can’t see the lines in say for instance, Shana’s hair, or the detailing outlines of other objects like book bags, cloth lining, etc. R2 was much better in this respect but still has it’s drawbacks COMPARED to bluray which is color depth. Bluray will correct this color problem.

  • Muyu

    Oh, almost forgot, thanks in advance and I highly approve of this development.
    I downloaded Season 1 R2’s in attempt to make a better version of it for myself since Eclipse’s R1 was entirely unwatchable… I hate you guise. D: 56gb wasted. hrnnnnng. Ah well.

  • MLWW

    This made me happy even if it’s upscaled

  • DeMoN

    R-E-A-L-L-Y ?????????
    Thats some great news you guys gave me I’m so happy right now πŸ˜€

  • Saren

    Oh god.

    Oh god no.

    URUSHAI URUSHAI URUSHAI on mah Doki? Holo i am disappoint.

  • Bloodios

    Will you be translating the whole series from scratch or using already existed subs (like Eclipse’s) with some minor editing? Sorry if this sounded like a dumb question…

    Thank you god!

    • Me

      Somehow that made me picture that South Park episode they lose the internet and Stans dad eventually gets some internet and they catch him you know… all over the room..

  • psimancer

    thank you finally get to see it (if my ancient machine will play the files [either last years inheritance an archos 5it or my 1.5 ghz amd w a ati aiw w 128 mb ram] usually i can stutter through 23 minutes with 10 back ups in 40 min so long as the 848 with h264 encode is there course the xvid 848 runs smooth but nobody likes those anymore )
    i have heard of this show for a few years but never found a torrent that even had a part time seed for it ( got a nekomimi encode for 11 eyes but couldnt handle it so im nursing a fubuki encode torrent for the last 3 weeks made 46% so far hey its better than the psp torrent it only made 3% in 3 weeks yep im bragging i nurse torents along even if they only connect on 1 day a week for years (tell me you havce the patience to get 60 gig torrents on a fractonal dsl (784k max ) yep took over 2 years

  • Mr.Anderson


  • Leon-Gun

    As always you guys make my day. Upscale or not I’m so getting it.

  • YES!!!! That’s what I’ve been waithing for πŸ™‚

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