Clannad: Tomoyo After ~It’s a wonderful life~
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Tomoyo After is a direct sequel to Clannad that continues the story of Okazki Tomoya based on Sakagami Tomoyo’s route.  The story is set about a year after Tomoya has graduated from high school.  He is now employed as an electronic waste recycling technician and lives in his own apartment.  Tomoyo, her family, and their friends play a large role in the story.

Tomoyo After only has a single route.  Like Clannad, it focuses heavily on family bonds and ties.  Once the true ending has been unlocked, a hidden RPG minigame can be unlocked through certain choices during a subsequent play through.  This RPG/tactics minigame is called “Dungeons & Takafumis” and has 50 levels to clear.

Release Information

An official English release of Tomoyo After will be published by VisualArt’s. Please look forward to their release.

Windows: Tomoyo_After_English_v1.10_[Doki].exe

Torrent | XDCC

Linux/Mac: TomoyoPatchv1b_[Doki].tar.gz

Torrent | XDCC
Note: The final release of the Linux/Mac patch is version 1.00.

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