Seedbox FAQs

  1. Can the seedbox be used for any other purposes like direct downloading from DDL sites such as Mega/Rapidshare/others?
  2. No, the seedbox can only be used to download torrents. Nothing else.

  3. Are the seedboxes compatible with private trackers?
  4. Yes, you can use the seedbox to seed on BakaBT, U2, ADC, etc.

  5. What am I allowed to download?
  6. You can download anything you want, except for CP.

  7. What am I allowed to seed?
  8. On private trackers, anything goes. On public trackers, I highly recommend that you do not seed movies, for obvious reasons! Anime’s fine, obviously, again, CP is never acceptable.

  9. Can I connect to the Rutorrent web interface with SSL?
  10. Yes you can, just use https:// instead of http://. You will probably get a warning about a certificate not being trusted or something, but it’s fine to bypass that.

  11. Can I pay if I don’t have a Paypal account?
  12. There is an option to pay as a guest, which does not require you to sign up for a Paypal account.

  13. Alternative methods of payment?
  14. You’d have to email me and we will discuss your circumstances.

  15. Can I upgrade to a plan with a bigger HDD?
  16. Yes, this is possible and can be discussed by email.

  17. What about even bigger plans? 1700 GB isn’t enough!
  18. Bigger plans are available upon request.

  19. What about longer periods of subscription, like half a year or a year?
  20. Also available upon request.

  21. How do I request direct transfer of Doki show(s) from Doki servers into my seedbox?
  22. Send me an email with the title and resolution and I will do it ASAP.

  23. My seedbox seems to be down. It’s saying something about no connection to rtorrent.
  24. Very occasionally, Rutorrent does crash, but not to worry. Just drop me an email and it’ll get fixed.

  25. Do you have any faster seedboxes? For example 1 Gbps ones?
  26. For the time being, no. Gigabit servers are expensive! I would have to charge more than I am doing right now to balance the books, and I don’t want to do that. But in the future, gigabit seedboxes could be a possibility. Watch this space!

  27. Are traffic on the seedboxes logged at all? I am worried about privacy and anonymity.
  28. I do not log any activity from the seedboxes, so there are no records of whatever you download/upload.

  29. Can I use the seedbox storage space for file storage, like DropBox/iCloud?
  30. Yes you can, as long as you stay within your HDD quota. I can set up a DropBox-like service where you can upload/download files via the browser, if you want.

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    Together with Venezuela no fansub, we are retranslating to Spanish one of your projects, Sui Youbi.
    We ask if you need help in cleaner or typetester for that project. If so, we would like to help (if you want) to finish this great manga ^w^9

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