Seedbox Tutorial

This guide is for people who may have heard of seedboxes, but have no idea how to go about using them.

What is a seedbox?

  • A seedbox is basically a computer sitting somewhere far away, with really good upload and download speeds (at least 100 Mbps).
  • You have access to this computer, and you download torrents into it, like how you would download torrents on your own computer.
  • Lastly, you connect directly to this remote computer, and transfer the downloaded files from it to your own computer.

Benefits of a seedbox

  • Some people don’t like to have their home IP address in the swarm, so they use a seedbox to upload and download from.
  • Seedboxes typically have better upload speeds than a home connection, so you can seed much faster from a seedbox.
  • You can also choose to seed 24/7 from a seedbox, something that you might not be able to do from home.
  • Do you get crappy speeds because your ISP throttles your BitTorrent traffic? Downloading torrents via a seedbox is a solution, because ISPs tend to not throttle FTP traffic.
  • Want to increase your BakaBT ratio? You can do this easily by seeding from a seedbox.

Connecting to your seedbox

  1. Open up your browser and log into

Downloading torrents on your seedbox

The downloading process is very similar to what you would usually do at home.

Transferring files from your seedbox to your computer

  • So now that we have downloaded our desired file onto our seedbox, we want to transfer it to our home computer.
  • We will be connecting to our seedbox via FTP. You need a program that can do this. I recommend Filezilla.

Advanced stuff

  • You can also download a torrent from a URL.
  • You can also set up RSS feeds to automatically download torrents that a group releases.
  • You can play around with the settings for ruTorrent. But only do this if you know what you’re doing! The default settings will be fine for day to day downloading and seeding!
  • You can upload files to your seedbox via FTP as well, for seeding purposes.
  • Compatible with private trackers, like BakaBT.

And that’s all!

If you have any questions, you can send me an email at, or you can leave a comment below.

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