The free seedbox trials have been highly successful and it looks like donations will no longer be required. The profits from seedboxes will go directly to paying for Doki servers.

I am continuing to give free seedbox trials to people who are interested in supporting us by buying a seedbox.

These seedboxes are on a 100Mbps connection and have unlimited monthly bandwith. If you are interested in buying a seedbox from us in the future to support us, here’s a good opportunity to test them out for free!

You can use the seedbox to download anything you like, anime or otherwise. Obviously, the only rule is no CP of any kind.

Another common usage is for private trackers like BakaBT. If you want to increase your BakaBT ratio with ease, a seedbox is the answer.

Regarding the pricing of the seedboxes: despite being cheap, I know that it’s probably not the cheapest out there. You can probably find cheaper seedbox providers. However, bear in mind that it’s not my goal to provide the cheapest seedboxes possible. I want the people who support Doki to get something back in return.

There are also benefits to getting a seedbox from us (aside from helping us out)! If you want to help us seed a show, or just want a Doki show for yourself, you can request for that show to be transferred directly into your seedbox from one of the Doki servers. I may think of other perks in the future.

For those people who have no idea how to use a seedbox, I have written a detailed tutorial which will help them.

To get a free seedbox, all you have to do is send me an email ( and I will set it up for you ASAP.

Feedback on the seedboxes are welcome!

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