Akame ga Kill! - 07

 Akame ga Kill! – 07

Still looking for more people who are intrested in playing Aura Kingdom with us! Look how kawaii we are! We have a level 4 guild now too!

HD: [Doki] Akame ga Kill! – 07 (1280×720 Hi10P AAC) [AC5133FB].mkv

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SD: [Doki] Akame ga Kill! – 07 (848×480 h264 AAC) [F504C44E].mkv

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68 comments to Akame ga Kill! – 07

  • iMark

    Any news regarding this? It’s almost 5 episodes behind :(.

  • Tim

    I just hope they haven’t dropped it. An update would be good

  • Mr. J

    Ok Guys, I know your busy and all but seriously we would really like to have an update on the show. You’re really falling behind and it makes me worry that your gonna drop this show, which I would really hate to see happen.

  • mlawson990

    TL is ill? For 5 weeks? Take some fucking vitamins or some shit. No reason to be sick for 5 weeks unless you went to Africa and picked up Ebola.

  • Tim

    Sorry to hear the TL is unwell.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery

  • Mister.X

    Is there any progress in the recovery of the translator?

  • Arjay

    Wishing the TL well. Pretty sure most of us here appreciates the work done in bringing this to us.

  • Tim

    Anyone heard how the TL is doing?

  • iMark

    Hello, how’s the TL? is she ok now? Hope she starts working already. I’m craving for Akame episodes :)

  • Mr. J

    If this show is gonna be delayed this long, might I suggest to find another translator while the old one is in recovery. So that way, everyone’s happy.

  • mlawson990

    Ok so it’s officially been 10 weeks. What on earth does the TL have that could possibly delay him for 2 and a half months?

    I know I’m going to sound like a dick, but this is pretty ridiculous. If he even is still sick, some of you should have gotten a backup plan together to delegate this to another TL. 10 weeks is too much. Even if he does start doing the show again it’ll take him god knows how long to catch up by himself.

    • Yes, you sound like a dick.

      Go watch HorribleSubs if you can’t wait for Doki’s release.

      • mlawson990

        I do watch HS. Who the fuck in their right mind is actually still waiting? lol

        • Then why the fuck are you still here? lol

          • mlawson990

            Why the fuck are you still replying?

          • Because there is still a very small chance that you will notice how big of an idiot you are.

            Instead of disrespecting the TL who might have some very serious issues and telling Doki to force another TL to take his place just so YOU can have your share of free animes, how about just shutting up and being a dick over at Commie’s site. I heard they like dicks…

            You even admitted that you already chose to switch over to HS. Then stop mocking the people who want to wait for Doki’s releases. We also don’t mock you for watching a release incapable of doing a real typeset.

            Here you will just be mocked for being too stupid to know the difference between a show being dropped or just being done later as a BD release. Doki never dropped a show. We will keep it that way if possible.

          • mlawson990

            Kind of hard to talk shit on Commie and HS when both of them actually have their shit together, unlike Doki.

            “Dropping” a TV show just to do the BDs later. You’re right. I suppose that’s a loophole to avoid actually dropping it. A better word would be laziness.

          • “Actually have their shit together”

            HS rip CR, and is an automated machine. It’s hard to have problems when that’s all you do.
            Commie “edit” HS for 90% of their shows, again, it’s hard to have issues when the translating position becomes irrelevant.

            We, on the other hand, actually care about the stuff we release, so of course we run into issues occasionally.

  • OtakuMage

    Any updates on this show? I’m staying faithful to Doki, would just like an update if possible.

  • Jonesy974

    Hmmm so the TL has been sick for 17 weeks?

    I kind of find that hard to believe. I cant think of a single disease or sickness that would put someone out of commission that long. Unless the TL is in the final stages of terminal brain cancer or some shit.

    I assume this has moved past being sick and there are some other RL issues that effectively stopped the show.

    ….Well, good thing is, the show sucked dicked after episode 18 anyway, so nobody is really missing out on anything good.

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